Luxury in Lyon

luxury in lyon.jpg

A year ago I spent my last 200€ on me and Taj’s plane tickets to Paris, France. We literally flew in with zero euros to our name, and ended up stranded outside a bus station at 2am, luckily my friend Pauline (love you P) helped us out and got us on a 8 hour bus ride to Lyon. We got there and the apartment was empty with no furniture, no electricity, and no heat, we literally had to empty our suitcase and put all our clothes on the floor and use our clothes as blankets. We were suppose to stay for a week or so and ended up staying for a month with Lia, although at that point we were only knew her for a few weeks she took care of us like she knew us her whole life. Being completely broke on the other side of the planet really humbles you lmao me and Taj literally survived off good vibes and being good people, we met some of our best friends ever during that month. People would call us from home like why don't y'all just come home, wtf y'all doing there with y'all lives, we responded with we are happy and that's all that matters. Moral of the story is no matter where life takes you stay as humble as you can and be nice to people and manifest what you want to happen. As long as you're not hurting anybody do whatever the fuck makes you happy, even if you under a bridge smoking crack lmao nah fareal tho I just wana see y'all happy, so break all those stereotypes of what a happy life is suppose to be like and do you. Love y'all