Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasures we've created over the years.

golden pyramids X good mother gallery miami art basel 2018

Recap of a unreal week at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse in Miami Art Basel. Spent the week working and painting along side some of the countries best artists, and nights full of partying and art shows.


When our whole apartment building in Ibiza is tired of living in such a shit hole, we all chip in and rent out a huge Airbnb and have one of the best 3 days we’ve had all summer! This is a small portion of what happened during those days, enjoy!

We In Lyon Baby!

This is one of my favorite videos i've ever made.  Me and my brother @Tajliketajmahal came to Lyon, France to stay with a friend named Lia that we met in Ibiza the past summer.  While there we became locals very quickly and accepted in the scene, from biking around the city drunk, partying at the skatepark by the river, or just roaming the streets drinking on the way to a rave party.  I feel like we got the full experience of Lyon that month we were there.  The three of us learned a lot living with each other in that tiny apartment with no money, all we survived off of was good vibes and love.  I hope you guys enjoy a glimpse of what was our reality for a month. 


I filmed this video on my trip to Lyon, France.  This was a epic night filled with partying and rapping.  Very thankful to meet the very young and talented Denzel aka @YungFramboaz.  Take a look here on a experience of the hip-hop scene in Lyon, France.

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summer 16

A beautiful gathering of footage i've put together from some of my best moments this summer, I didn't remember how much fun I had until I went back and started editing this footage about a week ago.  So much fun things such as skydiving, partying at Dolores park in San Francisco, celebrating PRIDE in San Francisco as well, 4th of July parties, and one of my most favorite of all, the Northern Nights Festival me and a group of friends attended this summer!  I hope you guys can enjoy this short film as much as I did.


Ex-Files, is a film about a Sci-Fi roamantic, soft core, sex scandal.  A young woman is enjoying a night with her boyfriend who is currently asleep, calls her side dude up, and arranges to meet up with him, to all of our suprise, he is a Alien from another dimension.  Press Play for the full experience.

Kentaro's Kitchen

"Kentaro's Kitchen" is a short film of good friends gathering together and enjoying a beautiful day with good, healthy, organic beautiful food, in a beautiful home. 

Backwood Chronicles

A average day in Alameda/Oakland Ca on a rainy day in November.

Tribute to the late Keith Haring, De Young Museum San Francisco

Spent a day with friends at the De Young Museum in San Francisco to check out the great Keith Haring exhibit.

"Cobalt" Offical Music video Zander

Cobalt music video for up and coming Hip-hop artist Zander, filmed in Alameda Ca.


A trip to LA for me and my brothers 27th birthday, one of the best trips we've all had together.  A weekend in a Hollywood airbNb, filled with partying, laughs, and memories.

they want that old summer back

A summer day, and night of fun from Palo Alto, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

snot bubbles

A fun day skating around Oakland, and Berkeley.


Summer 2014 was a beautiful one, this day begins on 4th of July, in the city of Alameda, Ca.  Transitions to a day at the lake, and eventually one of my favorite art shows i've ever been to, Quentin Tarintino themed show.

"lil bish" stunny

Local Oakland artist STUNNY, new visual.

Picka picka animal style

Fun day in San Francisco, hosting our friend from New York.  From record shops on Haight street, lurking Japan town, and finishing it off on the warf at the infamous IN-N-OUT.


A short film, of a bunch of footage I had that needed to be put to use, so I put together this video of visuals.

ink & thread

A show put together by good friends of mines, Bradley Worthen, and his lady Brooklyn.  He is a tattoo artist here in the East Bay, and she has her own line, a online vintage thrift store.  We gathered here at their pop-up at Good Mother Gallery in Oakland.


Visuals of love between me and the love of my life Camillah, this was the last day we were with each other before she began her journey of travels, and school out the country and around the US.

happy birthday smoky

The first birthday of our brother Nick "Smoky, Anemal" Barklay, since he passed September 2015.  We gathered and celebrated our brothers life, and it was nothing but love and smiles.  Love you Smoky.