Jonny Smith


I wanted to share my story of Ibiza with you guys on GoldenPyramidsTV.

I first visited the island aged 17 on a 18-30’s clubbing holiday and soon after that I fell in love with the place..I wanted to “do a season” for years and years and kept on using pretty much every excuse possible year after year as to why I shouldn’t do it and why I can’t do it.. “I’m working in decent job, I can’t just get up and leave the country” etc etc..  I’m not sure exactly what made me decide at the beginning of June 2016 that I was going to do it, but I quit my job and went ahead and booked a one way flight to Ibiza. I arrived and booked into a hotel for the first week as I struggled like mad to find any accommodation at all this point (my own fault for leaving it so late arriving of course.).. I met an old friend Marc that I had known from my hometown during the first few days of being there and was lucky enough to then be introduced into his circle and met some cool as fuck people..  After the first week in the hotel was up, I managed to find somewhere else for a further night then moved around each night having to live out of a suitcase - it was awful and there was no way at all of getting settled. After trying for a further week or so I crumbled, packed my suitcase for one final last time and booked a flight home on the Friday evening..  I got back home and I obviously felt like shit, I remember being in room and thinking fuck.. was that really it, something I’ve wanted to do for years,that was my Ibiza season, 2 and a bit weeks. Not even picked up a sun tan. Fuck.  A few days passed by, I was back in England and I had a some messages from a guy called Clayton who I’d been introduced to by Marc from hometown- in the short time I was in Ibiza we had got on really well and had a connection with this dude, As soon as Clayton found out that I had gone home he told me that I needed to sort my shit out, book the next available flight and get myself back out there, he was adamant that I could stay with them and that I should never have gone home and wanted me to come back. I was overwhelmed massively by this guy. He then sent me a video of I think 15 people in a room shouting “Come home Jonny!!”


So that’s what I did. That was it, 5 days later I was back on the Island and I was lucky enough to then have the best summer of my life, leaving at the end of September, meeting the most amazing people and being born into a new family! I ended up going back in 2017 for another season and met some more amazing people one of those being my main man Kalleb! All of this really happened for me because of one guy from Ibiza who decided to take me under his wing. Clayton Silvers for this mate I will always be forever grateful. 

Ibiza is a fucking beautiful place and so are the people.

“There’s no such thing as a bad day on the island of Ibiza, you can only have a bad hour or so” 


Jonny Smith