The Mushroom Gods

mushroom god.jpg

The year was 2012, me and my brother Joey were a year in to our art collective Golden Pyramids and were micro-dosing magic mushrooms almost every other day and painting.  After a year of being so immune to this psychedelic, I felt as if it was easy for everybody to take and that everybody should be taking mushrooms.  I done loads of mushrooms in my teens during high school, we would take 8th's of mushrooms not knowing what the hell we were doing, come to find out that was really dangerous as 15 year olds to be taking so much.  Anyways, one day I was painting and smoking with my good friend Cellz, and Cheese, I brought up the idea of taking mushrooms because they never took them before.  They were sort of down, but I kept pressuring them and telling them they're going to have the best time ever.  After a few blunts we decided tonight will be the night.  We meet later that night and i'm just hyping it up to them all day and evening how "trippy" its going to be and how much fun they're going to have, there was a point where I felt like they were doing it just because I kept pushing it on them, but was like whatever they're going to thank me.  Joey pics us up, we drive to Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, I remember it being foggy and chilly.  We sit in the car and we all take the mushrooms, smoke a few blunts then get out to begin our adventure exploring the park in the night.  Of course, Joey wants to go the most caveman way and go through all the bushes and trees, we are all like no we're going to walk around, so we don't see Joey for a few minutes and cheese says "be quiet you hear that?", all you hear is Joey running through the bushes and in between trees LMAO we were laughing so hard.  So we get to this sort of amphitheater and we're looking at the stars and just start talking about what young adults talk about when they are shrooming lol.  We are there for about 2 hours just vibing, then all of a sudden it starts raining, and we make our way to the car.  Joey drives us up redwood road to this view spot that looks over all of Oakland, it was beautiful.  We begin to smoke some more, and my stomach starts killing me, I feel like I have to poop, and choke at the same time it was terrible.  I'm trying to hang in there, but all of those feelings mixed with the constant hot box with weed was horrible for my current condition.  I slowly made my way out like I was melting, I got out and immediately felt worst, the rain did not help at all.  I started trying to pee and I remember not knowing how, my mind was like on NO mode, then I started feeling a presence around me that was very close, I was so scared because it was so dark and the only light was the moon light.  As i'm panicking that there's somebody outside with me, my stomach gets worst and I slowly begin to go down to the floor, then that's when I hear the first voice in my head.  Telepathically I hear, and feel 2 different voices, a young man, and a sweet lady.  I thought I was just tripping and somebody was outside with me, until they started talking about the mushrooms, and putting visions in my mind about what mushrooms are.  They were telling me that although mushrooms are here on Earth, does not mean that they are for everybody, I couldn't believe what was going on.  At that point in my life i've taking mushroom well over 50 times and been perfectly fine, I thought I was losing it. I kept trying to open my eyes but it was so dark outside, and when I'd close my eyes i'd see what I was hearing, if that makes any sense.  They we're telling me calmly and as pure as possible that this is a sacred medicine that should be used for spiritual reasons and not for recreational use, and that I was abusing it forcing my friends to take them.  I soon realised how real this situation was, and I just started yelling "OK OK I UNDERSTAND, I WON'T DO IT AGAIN, PLEASE IM SORRY."  At that point i'm laying on the ground with my knees to my stomach holding my stomach trying to get the pain away, and soon after I apologised I the pain went away, I was shocked at what just happened, even the rain was gone.  I laid there and couldn't believe it, I instantly started thinking about all the documentaries, and interviews about Terence Mckenna i've listened to and how relatable they were.  This is a medicine, this is a sacred fungi that can take us places beyond this dimension.  I took a few minutes to collect myself, got up slowly and got in the car, I get in and the first thing Joey says to me is "You good bruh, I seen you on the floor back there" LMAO, its funny now but at the moment I was still trippin.  I just looked at him and said "we need to go to the Alameda Beach".