dmt art.jpg

IMAGINE SEEING 1000 dreams at once and seeing all your thoughts and current events combining at once, and turning into a movie that moves at 10x speed allowing you to jump to different scenes in time and the cast are your family members and friends and enemies, and everything in your imagination interlocks an shows you your meaning in this world it was like a puzzle of life connecting every dot. and at the end your back in the shell of body..DMT was insane and you cant even find words to describe it..i learned an entirely new language  which was all languages combined, and god and satan have secretly had a deal on the fate of the world all along. they shook hands behind earths back...god allowed satan to influence and rule the world and recruit and buy as many souls as he could, but in return god got first choice on the souls he wanted to save and claim, and the devil only got the left overs to become his minions to suffer and fulfill his deeds..while earth melted in the distance and we walked upon planes of grass which were bright and visible yet surrounded by darkness. your materials and jewelry and phones, and all things were irrelevant your souls was pure and you were only covered in a white robe..with wamrness surrounding your body as if it were melted gold and you had entities protecting you, as if you were a brother of the gods, and they will all do anything to protect you. i took dmt today..its so hard to describe..the way i was spoken too by higher beings using a far more complex and detailed language which i can understand but cant decipher or relay to anyone in a physical form...today was crazy..still gettin my mind back to normal. my soul became pure and untouchable...something was telling me to be pure and not taint my body with drugs or alchohal and that you will excel beyond all standards and essentially unlock a mode of spiritual perfection and you cant be touched and can float above anything that troubles you. crazy af....i can go on for days. i was stuck and picked up by a LIQUID METAL ALIEN WITH A BLANK FACE that guided me thru and showed my aura which was purple a cross of red and blue..a balance of positive and negative..know this sounds crazy but it litteraly change my life today. wen i came back i almost couldnt speak beacuse the words i learned in my mind were far more complex than simple english..it was coded within in your soul.