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It was a Monday night in Oakland Ca, we just got back to our yurt with a large cheese, and pepperoni pizza from lil ceasers, and hella chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s lol.  Before we eat we choose a VHS tape to watch out of our tons from our collections.  Camilla chooses The Doors, and she’s really stoked because its going to be my first time watching it ever, and that we’re going to have a full day of fun on LSD the following day.  Oh yeah our plans for Tuesday is to drive up to Santa Cruz, get a room for the day/night, and trip on LSD the whole time, btw its Camillas first time ever doing it so we’re excited.  So we’re watching the film, eating, and smoking non-stop backwood blunts because of how good the movie is.  I am shocked, and getting a rush of how much I am interested in Jim Morrison, and The Doors, I felt connected to them in a way like no other.  I was hooked, the poems, the lifestyle, the drugs, the rebelliousness, it was totally what I was in to.  The movie ends, and light up another blunt, I cannot get over the film, and how much it has effected me, we’re laying there smoking and just talking about them for awhile, and end up having sex and falling asleep so we can rest for the long day ahead of us.  Next morning we get things ready, clean the yurt, and call our friend and don’t get a response for over a hour, so we decide to call Camillas cousin who lives in Santa Cruz.  He makes a few phone calls and finds us a what we need, we drive to Santa Cruz in her all white Toyota Camry, through the winedy roads playing The Doors and just preparing our day.  We meet up with the cousin, get the Lucy, then head to our motel to get ready for the day.  We roll about 8-9 blunts, take our little instagram photos to flex, pack our back pack then we head out towards the beach on the board walk. 

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We walk towards the left side near a beat up, rusty bridge and take our acid.  That's where I took a photo of Camilla with the tab on her tongue which would be such a classic pic for us in the future.

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 I take mine and we lay around and wait.  It was taking so long for it to kick in we just decide to walk down the beach towards the other side of the cave, then a hour has passed and we decided its taking to long so we each took another hit, number one mistake when taking acid lol.  About 20 minutes later, it was definitely on its way and it was coming fast.  We went to the bathrooms on the beach and when we came out we were both feeling so wavy, we go find a cool spot and trip out on the sand, random drift wood that had crazy patterns on each one like we’ve never seen before.  A hour later we decide to smoke and walk towards the cave, we laid a blanket down and started smoking, I was sitting right at the end of the cave so i can see the boardwalk perfectly, and “Riders On The Storm” by The Doors comes on and thats when that second hit fully kicked in! I had the craziest feeling of euphoria. 

I will never forget the vision i was having of myself sitting there in a cave in Santa Cruz, on acid, smoking a blunt, and watching the board walk.  I looked back at camille and said “are they called The Doors because of that door that opens in your mind?” she was just smiling ear to ear at me like yes baby you got it.  Then she smiled some more and said I’m having hella fun lol.  Then a seagull comes up on one leg hopping in the cave, and me and Camilla were dying uncontrollably, it was so funny.  We sit there for about 30 minutes smoking before people start coming and sort of disturb us because we had it to ourselves for a while.  We step outside and are in the non stop laughing phase of our trip, how I came that day looking like a tourist lol I was literally dressed in a hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and a backpack, I hella looked like I was doing what I came to do.  We take turns wearing my red John Lennon circle glasses and the patterns on the sand were trippy as fuck, idk if you’ve ever wore the red ones but they definitely have a effect on certain colors around you.  About a hour or so go by and the sun looks like its starting to go down, we find a good spot and watch the sun set as I’m holding Camilla in my arms and kissing her forehead, it was such a peaceful moment in the day.  We’re walking back to the boardwalk, we find a bench and see a girl sitting there by herself while we are putting our socks and shoes back on, and she gets up and starts walking fast in to the empty boardwalk, he pulls up in front of her and says “well look who it is”, it was so fuckin creepy! we both instantly thought of the film Lost Boys and were like we gotta get the fuck out of there lol.  So we’re walking to our motel and we see people painting a mural on our motel and we get close, and randomly its my boy who’s in a graffiti crew I’m in who I haven’t seen in years! It was so random! I was like fuck why today lol but we chop it up and they see I was with my lady so they respectfully let us do our thing.  We get to the room, and we’re instantly like shower time, she’s in there turning on the shower and I’m by the bed taking my clothes off, i’ll never forget this moment, the door opens and hella steam comes out, and right behind it is Camilla naked with her jaw dropped saying “wow its another world in there, I’m fucking on” lmao I was laughing so hard.  So we go in there and take the best shower ever, then lay in the tub and smoke a blunt during our bath.  At this point its late in the night and we are still so fucked up, we’re listening to Messy Marv and I’m rapping his lyrics really feeling it, and thinking I’m Messy Marv ahaha and she’s uncontrollably dying laughing, thats when I took the photo up top with the red glasses.  We get out, put some nice relaxing music on and I give her the best message ever, for almost a hour.  She gets up, we start making out, and that when the experience of the best sex i ever had in my life began.  When you’re on psychedelics, especially LSD, your senses and feelings are heightened like no other.  I was feeling everything like it was the first time ever, more then the physical part of the sex, it was highly spiritual.  Our souls connected like it has never connected before, our nerves were connected, our minds, and more then anything our hearts were connected.  Looking in to the persons eyes that you’re in love with and being able to read every emotion of love and compassion with them is a feeling like no other.  It was such a beautiful experience, that was what making love was.  It was so fucking beautiful.  So after a few hours of making love lol we massaged each other until she fell asleep, and of course like every other time I take acid I can never sleep. So I was up and it was like 2-3am and the walls were still wavy, The Doors was still playing so I just sat there and continued to admire my lover, and massage her until i fell sleep myself. 

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