A LSD infused Bike ride


The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 has been a real hard time for me. From losing multiple friends, coming down from traveling Europe having the best 6 months of my life, and settling back home in the states. All of these things mixed together put me in a weird place and mood in my life, although things are going very good for me with my art and I am able to survive through that income, I still feel like a drastic change has been happening and the transition has been really rocky. On 1/24/19 I was the most depressed I been in a really long time, I’ve never felt suicidal, but I definitely was feeling like not being here. I wanted to be completely gone and escape for a long time. In 2016 and 2017 I was sober from new years day, until mid-may usually to start the year off clean, focused and pure. During those months I would micro-dose LSD a bunch, and it was honestly the best thing I could have been doing. It set me up good for the year, I was doing it a few times a month and working on art, or just simply using it as medicine. This year I decided to do the same, especially after a long summer of alcohol and drugs.

That day I was feeling shitty and low I decided that maybe its time to get some acid and figure things out. I did everything that day to make sure my next day was open and I had nothing else going so I can just focus on myself. The next morning I woke up early at 6 am, went to the gym, ate a good breakfast and chilled until my food was digested properly. I packed my journal, a hoodie, and some bike tools in case anything were to happen.

12:30 pm I turn my phone on airplane mode, and take the medicine, got on my bike and biked to the market to grab a few things for my day. When I get there I realize I’m a little hazy, I get an energy bar and a big bottle of water. Soon as I get on my bike I already start feeling Euphoric as I am riding down on the coast along the beach. I felt like I was high like I took a few hits of a blunt. As I’m riding I see these palm trees that look perfect with the blue sky behind it and no clouds around it, looked like a painting.


I continue and ride down the beach and find a chill spot by the water and drink some water and eat my energy bar, that's when it really starts kicking in. I’m sitting there like fuck I took a full dose by myself and its only 20mins in and its coming in strong, I could tell it was some really good acid. As I’m sort of panicking talking to myself in my mind like "here it is, and its coming fast" while telling myself to chill out, the song “Rocko’s Slipping” by Hector Gachan comes on in my headphones. The lyrics begin with “Cmon man I think its time that you let goo, nothing really to hold on anymorrrre”.

I swear that moment blew my mind aha it definitely happened for a reason, I took as a sign, after that I realized in order for me to get the most out of this trip I’m really going have to let go and let what happens, happen. Chilled for a few moments longer and watched the ducks, seen a few seals and tried to imagine their lives.


Got up and biked towards the bay and chilled at another spot by the water and listened to a Terence McKenna speech over some music, writing in my journal:

“The ocean is bright, the boats are far.”

“History is just a 25,000-year dash, from the trees to the starship” - Terence McKenna

As I’m chilling there with my notebook I’m reading everything my friends from Ibiza wrote for the past two seasons. Aisha writes:

“We need to take acid or some shit together next season, come to Gibraltar you will always have a friend there”

So relatable lmao.

I was there for almost an hour or so and realized the high school will be out soon, and it's between me and my next destination. I started packing my things quick like fuck I need to get there before the streets are flooded with kids, as I’m rushing and get to the main road, its filled with loads of kids just getting out. I was like fuck I guess I have to face all these people while I’m tripping balls, I get over it and realize how much I was overreacting and being a bitch lol acid will remind you of that.

I’m now on the navy base on a bench hot as fuck with my everyday flannel on that has another hit of acid in the pocket of it, and coach jacket. I look to my left and see an old Asian man in full military uniform fishing, I can’t stop laughing lol like why is this bruh fishing in his uniform. I’m sitting around just taking everything in, left of me is the man fishing, to the right is a continuous bike lane/trail, and in front of me is the ocean. At this point the trip has been super beneficial to me, I was happier then I have been all month and I was by myself. I remember sitting there and these kids about 5-7 years old are riding their bikes behind me and talking and it made me feel relaxed and peaceful, and when anybody else walked by and talking who was a adult and was on their phone chatting shit it was way more stressful. Hella gave me a train of thought on how much more the kids were enjoying themselves, and how much they were in the present moment. I loved it.


The sun was getting more hot, and I look at my phone and my background on my phone is going crazy, I look at the grass and it was bright neon green. I love when the visuals lose control, as I’m listening to Beg by Hot Since 82. I went on a little bike ride and went towards the USS Hornet, huge Navy Ship that's suppose to be haunted. The base is completely shitty, but soon as you get to the property of the ship all the roads are fresh and smooth, all I could think of was these mad bastards are selfish as fuck lol.


I biked around and came across this entrance that I use to always see in High school with a jet, and they were knocking everything down. It was crazy seeing something I seen throughout my whole childhood was getting knocked down in front of me, while I was on acid.


4:00 pm I biked around to this old tree me and some homies use to climb, and I come across loads of mushrooms growing. I decide to hang out there for an hour or so observing these mushrooms. I could see these mushrooms breathing, and feel that they are alive. I write in my journal:

“You can tell they’re alive, you feel them breathe, I can feel their pulse. Its madness how these things just grow innit”

“Who the fuck was the first person to eat these, imagine thinking this was food then you start tripping and think you’re gonna die and the mushroom just looks at you like shouldn’t have eaten me nigga”


I’m now sitting back at the bench and start thinking of my sister Oona, and how much I wish she was here and how some Ket would be amazing right now aha. The sun feels amazing. I realize the sun is going to come down soon as I get on my bike and the song “South of the river” by Tom Misch comes on and at that moment I felt soo fuckin good riding down on the coast, I was smiling ear to ear. If you haven’t please give it a listen aha

5:00 pm and I’m almost on the exact corner of shoreline where it turns in to Washington Park, I jump down on the sand and get a nice spot. I'm staring hard into the sun and it's making the whole sky rainbow, like a tie-dye sky. I get my journal and write:

“I can’t stop looking at the last bit of the sun, this is how people in the 60s fucked up their cornea”

“The mix between the tones of the sky, it looks like gold being melted on a carrot laid on the surface of the ocean. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m watching it M8”


I took my headphones off, and that was the first time during that whole day that I didn’t have my headphones on listening to music. I was listening to the waves moving, the bird's wings flapping, and people from a distance talk about how beautiful the sky is. I began to write:

“Today has taught me loads, I still see rainbow or green and orange aura around my notebook as I write. I needed today tremendously. I need to just let things be and ride it out. I know Taj somewhere out there feeling the same. I love you Taj. You might really be the only one who understands me, and you been down the hall my whole life my nigga lmao. I need to focus on this art show, there's nothing left to do, but to do it. Looking forward to painting tomorrow. its either now or never.”


I'm watching the waves as the sun is waving bye to me in the back, I already miss the sun. “The color of the ocean is like a milk latte mixed with purple”. I feel like I just watched the sky rest its eyes, almost instantly became night in an instant. I bike up and down the coast of the beach listening to music for the next hour, stop by at the beach again and lay down and look at the stars and all the activity, although there was a lot of light pollution I can still see a lot of stars.


9:11 pm, I get home and I and my mom start talking about turtles, she told me when she was in the war some guys brought back some turtles and she said you can hear the turtles crying and you can see tears coming down their eyes, my mom started crying haha. Hella reminded me of the past summer when me and my sister Amanda Higgins had a movie night in my room and watched turtle documentaries and laughed our asses of aha i hella miss her. Watched some turtle documentaries with my mom, watched Martin, and The Wayans Bros with her and laughed so much lol. Then got in bed and listened to some deep house and started drawing till I fell asleep.


That day was my favorite day since I been back from Europe. No matter how good I am doing I sometimes find it hard to realize these things and feel like I can always be doing better. Its good to be driven and motivated to keep producing more, but you need to always remember not to burn yourself out, its ok to take a day to yourself and reflect or relax. Having my journal with me and writing my thoughts all day has helped me more than i thought it ever could. I usually trip with friends and never have time to write or have moments to myself, but this trip was all about me and my thoughts. I came to the conclusion of a lot of things that were bothering me, like planning these next few months before I leave for Europe again, what direction I want to go in with my art, and most importantly how it's okay to outgrow your friends. That was something that has been lingering with me for a long time, and it finally came to a conclusion that it is okay to move on, it doesn’t have to be hate or no love, simply it's just on to another chapter. I will forever be grateful for the medicinal use of LSD and the benefits it has for us humans. I know LSD may not be for everybody, but one hit by yourself, with no phone, or social media for 24 hours can change your life. See Y'all South of the river.

More photos from my day below:

What do you think about Acid & Aliens?

ufo lights.jpg

On the first night of the Perseid Meteor Shower, August 10th/11th, 2018, I drove out to the  Pawnee National Grasslands in North Eastern Colorado and took approximately 300 ug of LSD. County Road 119 was my post for the night as it is in a particularly dark part of the Grasslands, ideal for stargazing. I pulled up in my rented Ford F-150 just as the sun was retreating behind the mountains in the West, exposing the emerging dark in the East. Without much adieu I ate my blotter and made a comfortable area for myself in the back of the truck. Cattle from the adjacent patties started to gather and watch the spectacle.  

serge maps.JPG

[photo of road from satellite]

Now I started to wait. Anxiety about the hefty dose of acid and being far from anywhere started to stir. I began to write in my journal:

“ Hey there, today is 8-10-18, about 8:30 pm. I’m sitting in the Pawnee National Grasslands. Rented a FOrd pickup truck and brought my couch cushions to sit on Currently on a farm road/count roat in the back of said truck. Listening to the cows moo as the sun counts down its final moments of light. Tonight is special since it is the start of a meteor shower. A pleasant coincidence . I rook 3.5 tabs of acid and I plan to stay up until dawn. [Tonight] I hope to explore the questions I’ve [posed to myself].

Its pleasant out, save for a few bugs. The cows are mooing themselves to sleep now - I helped one youngster get back into the patty with its mom, she seemed :).

By now it's getting so dark I can hardly see my writing. The darkest shade of orange is floating on the horizon. I’m nervous about the trip, I’m sad [about stuff], But I’m also proud - for making it here, I’m doing ok and I’m hopeful for the future.

By now - the onset of effect is apparent. I wish I had brought my guitar to play for the [the cows] They’re a curious bunch, very cute. That certainly helps abstain from eating them too often.

Some of the first stars are coming out now - the bright ones over the Eastern horizon. Can’t tell whether it is morning or evening. Same for the direction. Its quiet on this old lonely road. I wonder when it got here.

Each moment - more and more stars. Crickets chip.

Hoping for some space ships tonight… “

The cows were making a lot of noise now as they were gathered in two large groups on either side of the truck, behind fencing. I shined my headlamp at them and saw their eyes glow bright against the darkening night. They stared. I thought to myself, I wonder what they think of this bright light.

And then I tripped absolute balls until about 3:30 am. The onset and peak were very intense with all of the usual LSD happenings; my ego was diminished until finally I was reduced to what seemed to be my most fundamental until. I was shown that further reduction would be mean the end of me. I contemplated my life, my relationships with the people in it, where its going, where its been. The sky was unobservable at this point; it had transformed into a dense weave of connections with the stars as the nodes. I curled up in a ball and, closed my eyes, and let the experience process me.

At around 3:30 AM I made it back to reality. The night sky was no longer a tangle of strange liquid strings binding the stars. Instead I could see the vast, clear expanse of the Milky Way.  My vision was slightly tinted with a layer of psychedelic gloss, but I could now navigate the world. I felt I could now move around in a meaningful way, hold a conversation, or drive the truck if I needed to. I figured that the trip was over and that these residual effects would keep me wide awake until the sun came up. I decided to have a snack and watch the stars until sunrise.

As I was sitting in the back of the truck, I started to notice a faint sound. Like air rushing in to an orifice. Like a powerful jet engine was sucking air, but I could not hear a motor nor the whine of blades moving at speed, just the movement of air. I thought it was a little odd. I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe its a single engine plane flying around. At 4 am in the absolute middle of nowhere.

The sound became less faint as if it was approaching me. I noticed a red light in the distance. I figured it was a far off plane. The sound grew louder still and I began to feel as if it was gently vibrating my skin, the truck, everything around me, like a large subwoofer playing at low volume. I then looked up and froze in primal fear at what I saw. It seemed to be small craft about 100 feet above the ground and 300 feet in front of me. It was flying toward me in a slow, delicate fashion - floating carelessly, and though I saw it clearly - I did not understand what it was exactly. I was in complete disbelief.

The craft was shaped like a flat cylinder, flying parallel with respect to the ground, dark in color, rimmed with lights. It had an appendage on the bottom of a glowing red, whispy, material. As if it was something like a flame, but more firm, and upside down (as flames flow upward). The material it seemed to be made of was not of the ‘world’, as if from a dimensions with different physical rules. It implied it could make it self seen or not.

It flew over me and kept going. I felt honored and overwhelmed with gratitude as I sensed that it had initiated an interaction with me. I was completely terrified as it flew off into the distance. I was completely awestruck and the implication of the experience. I felt I had been given a gift. I was very excited and grateful. I repeatedly told it “thank you”. It was a special moment to me.

For the remainder of the night (approximately 2 or 3 hours) these craft flew around the cow patties. Sometimes they would disappear and I would think they have left only to hear the now familiar sound of suction followed by red/yellow flashing lights flying odd patterns through the adjacent fields. They would typically be about 2000 or so feet away from the truck, but at one point coming as close as 20 feet.

They seemed to be incredibly aware of my level of comfort. The entire night one “machine” was stationed in the southern cow patty at a variable distance of 30 to 2000 feet from me. This machine would retreat from me if I was experiencing fear and approach when I was curious or attentive. In this way it was interactive and it gave me a sense that these ‘people’ valued my comfort and did not want to impose but were willing to share if I was ready for it. This machine looked to be a stack of spheres, like a metallic snowman, with the top sphere being the smallest and featuring dim red lights that were pointed at me. The lights kind of looked like eyes or a camera but I had no idea what I was looking at, it was so strange and other worldly. It seemed to monitor and constantly watch me.

I began to try to interact, to try to pose questions by thinking them, to no avail. When I would do this the flying machines would disappear and the monitor would retreat. When I was open to just observing and paying attention they began to emerge again. They wanted me to watch. They demonstrated their might by ‘exposing’ a gigantic machine in the sky. The machine was covered in strange ornaments, what looked like eyes and strange geometric shapes. The material was ‘immerial’ and was see-through, quickly appearing and disappearing in part or in whole. This machine was on the scale of a large cloud and, when I observed it, they “implied” (somehow I understood) that their level of might/strength has the power to completely destroy our world and it would be a trivial task. In this moment they implied that they have had our world in their hands before human civilization existed. I understood that they were the “gods”. Perhaps the angels of biblical texts. Perhaps the aliens of modern interpretation. Perhaps these words are just a verbal gloss over a concept I can’t actually fathom as I do not understand what I was looking at in the least. They implied that they were our keepers and they were invested in our success or failure. They implied that they were benevolent and that our world is under control.

I began to write in my journal again:

Their machines make a sucking sound, as if always intaking, imploding. What is imploding? How? Air pressure differential around the craft? How does it start the process? The cosmic implosion is how all things spin. But how do I spin exactly? How do I go about creating this suction? Is there an ideal ratio of dimensions?

(video of one machine in the patty)

A machine, similar to the flat cylinder from before, now floating perpendicularly 5 feet off the ground came hovering near the ground toward the truck. The suction grew louder. It stopped to hover 20 feet from my truck as I was trying to soak in as much detail as possible. Like the cloud sized machine, it made parts of itself in/visible arbitrarily. From this close it looked like a platinum wedding band, approximate 10 feet in outer diameter with a thickness of approximately 1.5 feet. It was shiney and spinning incredibly fast. Looking through the center of the craft revealed a distorted picture, like when a boundary of heated air adjacent to a furnace distorts incident light. Looking through the ring, the fence behind it look askew compared to the fence when not looking through the machine. It disappeared, the sound stopped.

(video of two machines in the patty, early morning)

For the remainder of the night the craft made their rounds in the distant patties. As the sun started to rise, the monitor drew further back and eventually faded. The craft came by less often. When morning came they were no longer around. I drove back to town.

serge truck.JPG

The Mushroom Gods

mushroom god.jpg

The year was 2012, me and my brother Joey were a year in to our art collective Golden Pyramids and were micro-dosing magic mushrooms almost every other day and painting.  After a year of being so immune to this psychedelic, I felt as if it was easy for everybody to take and that everybody should be taking mushrooms.  I done loads of mushrooms in my teens during high school, we would take 8th's of mushrooms not knowing what the hell we were doing, come to find out that was really dangerous as 15 year olds to be taking so much.  Anyways, one day I was painting and smoking with my good friend Cellz, and Cheese, I brought up the idea of taking mushrooms because they never took them before.  They were sort of down, but I kept pressuring them and telling them they're going to have the best time ever.  After a few blunts we decided tonight will be the night.  We meet later that night and i'm just hyping it up to them all day and evening how "trippy" its going to be and how much fun they're going to have, there was a point where I felt like they were doing it just because I kept pushing it on them, but was like whatever they're going to thank me.  Joey pics us up, we drive to Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, I remember it being foggy and chilly.  We sit in the car and we all take the mushrooms, smoke a few blunts then get out to begin our adventure exploring the park in the night.  Of course, Joey wants to go the most caveman way and go through all the bushes and trees, we are all like no we're going to walk around, so we don't see Joey for a few minutes and cheese says "be quiet you hear that?", all you hear is Joey running through the bushes and in between trees LMAO we were laughing so hard.  So we get to this sort of amphitheater and we're looking at the stars and just start talking about what young adults talk about when they are shrooming lol.  We are there for about 2 hours just vibing, then all of a sudden it starts raining, and we make our way to the car.  Joey drives us up redwood road to this view spot that looks over all of Oakland, it was beautiful.  We begin to smoke some more, and my stomach starts killing me, I feel like I have to poop, and choke at the same time it was terrible.  I'm trying to hang in there, but all of those feelings mixed with the constant hot box with weed was horrible for my current condition.  I slowly made my way out like I was melting, I got out and immediately felt worst, the rain did not help at all.  I started trying to pee and I remember not knowing how, my mind was like on NO mode, then I started feeling a presence around me that was very close, I was so scared because it was so dark and the only light was the moon light.  As i'm panicking that there's somebody outside with me, my stomach gets worst and I slowly begin to go down to the floor, then that's when I hear the first voice in my head.  Telepathically I hear, and feel 2 different voices, a young man, and a sweet lady.  I thought I was just tripping and somebody was outside with me, until they started talking about the mushrooms, and putting visions in my mind about what mushrooms are.  They were telling me that although mushrooms are here on Earth, does not mean that they are for everybody, I couldn't believe what was going on.  At that point in my life i've taking mushroom well over 50 times and been perfectly fine, I thought I was losing it. I kept trying to open my eyes but it was so dark outside, and when I'd close my eyes i'd see what I was hearing, if that makes any sense.  They we're telling me calmly and as pure as possible that this is a sacred medicine that should be used for spiritual reasons and not for recreational use, and that I was abusing it forcing my friends to take them.  I soon realised how real this situation was, and I just started yelling "OK OK I UNDERSTAND, I WON'T DO IT AGAIN, PLEASE IM SORRY."  At that point i'm laying on the ground with my knees to my stomach holding my stomach trying to get the pain away, and soon after I apologised I the pain went away, I was shocked at what just happened, even the rain was gone.  I laid there and couldn't believe it, I instantly started thinking about all the documentaries, and interviews about Terence Mckenna i've listened to and how relatable they were.  This is a medicine, this is a sacred fungi that can take us places beyond this dimension.  I took a few minutes to collect myself, got up slowly and got in the car, I get in and the first thing Joey says to me is "You good bruh, I seen you on the floor back there" LMAO, its funny now but at the moment I was still trippin.  I just looked at him and said "we need to go to the Alameda Beach".


dmt art.jpg

IMAGINE SEEING 1000 dreams at once and seeing all your thoughts and current events combining at once, and turning into a movie that moves at 10x speed allowing you to jump to different scenes in time and the cast are your family members and friends and enemies, and everything in your imagination interlocks an shows you your meaning in this world it was like a puzzle of life connecting every dot. and at the end your back in the shell of body..DMT was insane and you cant even find words to describe it..i learned an entirely new language  which was all languages combined, and god and satan have secretly had a deal on the fate of the world all along. they shook hands behind earths back...god allowed satan to influence and rule the world and recruit and buy as many souls as he could, but in return god got first choice on the souls he wanted to save and claim, and the devil only got the left overs to become his minions to suffer and fulfill his deeds..while earth melted in the distance and we walked upon planes of grass which were bright and visible yet surrounded by darkness. your materials and jewelry and phones, and all things were irrelevant your souls was pure and you were only covered in a white robe..with wamrness surrounding your body as if it were melted gold and you had entities protecting you, as if you were a brother of the gods, and they will all do anything to protect you. i took dmt today..its so hard to describe..the way i was spoken too by higher beings using a far more complex and detailed language which i can understand but cant decipher or relay to anyone in a physical form...today was crazy..still gettin my mind back to normal. my soul became pure and untouchable...something was telling me to be pure and not taint my body with drugs or alchohal and that you will excel beyond all standards and essentially unlock a mode of spiritual perfection and you cant be touched and can float above anything that troubles you. crazy af....i can go on for days. i was stuck and picked up by a LIQUID METAL ALIEN WITH A BLANK FACE that guided me thru and showed my aura which was purple a cross of red and blue..a balance of positive and negative..know this sounds crazy but it litteraly change my life today. wen i came back i almost couldnt speak beacuse the words i learned in my mind were far more complex than simple english..it was coded within in your soul.


camille acid 4.jpg

It was a Monday night in Oakland Ca, we just got back to our yurt with a large cheese, and pepperoni pizza from lil ceasers, and hella chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s lol.  Before we eat we choose a VHS tape to watch out of our tons from our collections.  Camilla chooses The Doors, and she’s really stoked because its going to be my first time watching it ever, and that we’re going to have a full day of fun on LSD the following day.  Oh yeah our plans for Tuesday is to drive up to Santa Cruz, get a room for the day/night, and trip on LSD the whole time, btw its Camillas first time ever doing it so we’re excited.  So we’re watching the film, eating, and smoking non-stop backwood blunts because of how good the movie is.  I am shocked, and getting a rush of how much I am interested in Jim Morrison, and The Doors, I felt connected to them in a way like no other.  I was hooked, the poems, the lifestyle, the drugs, the rebelliousness, it was totally what I was in to.  The movie ends, and light up another blunt, I cannot get over the film, and how much it has effected me, we’re laying there smoking and just talking about them for awhile, and end up having sex and falling asleep so we can rest for the long day ahead of us.  Next morning we get things ready, clean the yurt, and call our friend and don’t get a response for over a hour, so we decide to call Camillas cousin who lives in Santa Cruz.  He makes a few phone calls and finds us a what we need, we drive to Santa Cruz in her all white Toyota Camry, through the winedy roads playing The Doors and just preparing our day.  We meet up with the cousin, get the Lucy, then head to our motel to get ready for the day.  We roll about 8-9 blunts, take our little instagram photos to flex, pack our back pack then we head out towards the beach on the board walk. 

camille acid2.jpg


We walk towards the left side near a beat up, rusty bridge and take our acid.  That's where I took a photo of Camilla with the tab on her tongue which would be such a classic pic for us in the future.

camille acid 3.jpg

 I take mine and we lay around and wait.  It was taking so long for it to kick in we just decide to walk down the beach towards the other side of the cave, then a hour has passed and we decided its taking to long so we each took another hit, number one mistake when taking acid lol.  About 20 minutes later, it was definitely on its way and it was coming fast.  We went to the bathrooms on the beach and when we came out we were both feeling so wavy, we go find a cool spot and trip out on the sand, random drift wood that had crazy patterns on each one like we’ve never seen before.  A hour later we decide to smoke and walk towards the cave, we laid a blanket down and started smoking, I was sitting right at the end of the cave so i can see the boardwalk perfectly, and “Riders On The Storm” by The Doors comes on and thats when that second hit fully kicked in! I had the craziest feeling of euphoria. 

I will never forget the vision i was having of myself sitting there in a cave in Santa Cruz, on acid, smoking a blunt, and watching the board walk.  I looked back at camille and said “are they called The Doors because of that door that opens in your mind?” she was just smiling ear to ear at me like yes baby you got it.  Then she smiled some more and said I’m having hella fun lol.  Then a seagull comes up on one leg hopping in the cave, and me and Camilla were dying uncontrollably, it was so funny.  We sit there for about 30 minutes smoking before people start coming and sort of disturb us because we had it to ourselves for a while.  We step outside and are in the non stop laughing phase of our trip, how I came that day looking like a tourist lol I was literally dressed in a hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and a backpack, I hella looked like I was doing what I came to do.  We take turns wearing my red John Lennon circle glasses and the patterns on the sand were trippy as fuck, idk if you’ve ever wore the red ones but they definitely have a effect on certain colors around you.  About a hour or so go by and the sun looks like its starting to go down, we find a good spot and watch the sun set as I’m holding Camilla in my arms and kissing her forehead, it was such a peaceful moment in the day.  We’re walking back to the boardwalk, we find a bench and see a girl sitting there by herself while we are putting our socks and shoes back on, and she gets up and starts walking fast in to the empty boardwalk, he pulls up in front of her and says “well look who it is”, it was so fuckin creepy! we both instantly thought of the film Lost Boys and were like we gotta get the fuck out of there lol.  So we’re walking to our motel and we see people painting a mural on our motel and we get close, and randomly its my boy who’s in a graffiti crew I’m in who I haven’t seen in years! It was so random! I was like fuck why today lol but we chop it up and they see I was with my lady so they respectfully let us do our thing.  We get to the room, and we’re instantly like shower time, she’s in there turning on the shower and I’m by the bed taking my clothes off, i’ll never forget this moment, the door opens and hella steam comes out, and right behind it is Camilla naked with her jaw dropped saying “wow its another world in there, I’m fucking on” lmao I was laughing so hard.  So we go in there and take the best shower ever, then lay in the tub and smoke a blunt during our bath.  At this point its late in the night and we are still so fucked up, we’re listening to Messy Marv and I’m rapping his lyrics really feeling it, and thinking I’m Messy Marv ahaha and she’s uncontrollably dying laughing, thats when I took the photo up top with the red glasses.  We get out, put some nice relaxing music on and I give her the best message ever, for almost a hour.  She gets up, we start making out, and that when the experience of the best sex i ever had in my life began.  When you’re on psychedelics, especially LSD, your senses and feelings are heightened like no other.  I was feeling everything like it was the first time ever, more then the physical part of the sex, it was highly spiritual.  Our souls connected like it has never connected before, our nerves were connected, our minds, and more then anything our hearts were connected.  Looking in to the persons eyes that you’re in love with and being able to read every emotion of love and compassion with them is a feeling like no other.  It was such a beautiful experience, that was what making love was.  It was so fucking beautiful.  So after a few hours of making love lol we massaged each other until she fell asleep, and of course like every other time I take acid I can never sleep. So I was up and it was like 2-3am and the walls were still wavy, The Doors was still playing so I just sat there and continued to admire my lover, and massage her until i fell sleep myself. 

camille acid.jpg