“Ibiza is an island where you can come to and be yourself, there's no rules or regulations. You come here and find your inner self” - RIP Tony Pikes


This write up can be finished simply by that quote alone. I’ve been having such a hard time trying to explain what my season was like without over-analyzing every detail, and being afraid of missing the best parts. I guess where I should begin is arriving on the island that night, my flight got canceled and my two friends Bambi and Taj arrived the night before and I had to be in Madrid by myself. So I came the next evening. Got picked up by my now good friends Pip and Luke, first time ever meeting and as we are driving we find out that they know Taj from a season in 2016, crazy right. Driving on that freeway in the warm night, and seeing the road to San Antonio was unreal. Arriving in Azul was everything I imagined it to be, full of friends welcoming me with love and with the excitement of going to the west end to get my first sketamine! ahah.


This is my second season in Ibiza and what this island has given me is the biggest sense of community I have ever felt in my life. From the heart to heart conversations with people, meeting people from every part of the world (countries I’ve never heard of too lol), the best parties I have ever been to, best beaches, there’s too many to even name. What I will tell you is the island gives you exactly the energy that you put out there, you can come here with 100 Euros and the best attitude about it and make it through the whole season, I’ve seen it happen. Or you can come with thousands of Euros and think you’re the shit and lose it all in the first month of your season, I’ve seen that happen too. The Memories that has come with my experience here isn’t worth any money in the world.

I was so fortunate to be blessed with such an amazing group of diverse friends, I remember our whole crew was at Kanya Beach smoking shisha one evening for the sunset. It was me and Bambi from California, Magdalena (Shannon) from Berlin, Britt from Holland, Flavio from Sicily, Oona from Bristol, etc. Other then me and Bambi, we had all met in Azul and became best friends from all over the world. We had some of the best nights dancing, taking mushrooms, going to different beaches, I will never forget the love from this crew and what our energies collectively brought out. Eventually, our crew grew even larger.

One day I was in reception looking up the hashtag #Ibizaart and came across a woman named Charlotte Archer. She was painting for the opening of Paradise at DC-10, I messaged her politely and told her I was an artist here from California and would love to give her an extra hand if it was needed, luckily she was a sweetheart and invited me to come to paint with her the following day. Although it was mid-June and the heat was unbearable, I had the best time spending the day painting with her. She made me feel so welcomed in an environment I have never been in on the island. We painted 80s street art, and Kieth Haring inspired art on the walls and couches. It was a goal/achievement that would have been great to have done by the end of the season, but here I was my first project on the island helping out with the opening for Paradise. Another sign that you will receive what you put out there, you’re always one thought away from the possibility of your goals coming to life.

One of the wall panels for Paradise DC-10 I was apart of painting.

One of the wall panels for Paradise DC-10 I was apart of painting.

My favorite nights on the island were definitely Pikes Saturday night, and Zoo Project Sunday. I had amazing nights at Defected, Ants, Hi, Amnesia all the major clubs, but these two is where I had my best experiences. Pikes is a hotel owned by the legendary Tony Pikes, and is also famous for being “Freddy Mercury's old villa”. That place is so magical, walking into that hotel in a sort of like a jungle themed place with plants everywhere guiding you into the main outdoor area, full with couches and big beds for you and your friends to chill, and enjoy drinks. Why I love Pikes more then most clubs is because when I’m out I look forward to talking to people and meeting new faces, and for me, I don’t really get that at the big clubs. It is certainly possible and it has happened, but the energy here is very welcoming and accepting. There’s a little bit of an older crowd there too which I really enjoy. Walking into the main room you almost face to face with the Dj for the evening, making the experience a lot more intimate. All around this place there is memorabilia of the history there with framed photos and paintings. One of my favorite place here is the karaoke ball pit room where Sunny hosts. Sunny is the best host of this place, he will make you feel like you live there, by bringing you into secret rooms, giving you a completely new wardrobe with silky robes, hats, and everything. I always try and stay till the very end of Pikes, until the taxi queue is long and you and friends decide to walk all the way back to the apartment, those are the best walks.

Waking up Sunday after a long night at Pikes is always exciting, knowing you will be spending the evening at Zoo Project was always something to look forward to. Except me and my friends were always running very last minute to catch that free guest list before 7 hahaha. Zoo is my favorite “club” on the island simply because it is open air, you’re always feeling fresh with the heat and the stars up above. Soon as we get in, we always start by seeing our good friend Johan Jimenez in the living room stage, spinning reggae and dancehall. Johan is such a sick Dj always full love, and making you apart of the experience there. Looking around you see people dressed up as tigers, giraffes, dude walking around on a huge fake ostrich biting people, and people with animal designs painted on their bodies dancing hard to the tunes. One of the funniest parts is the roller skating area, where there's a Dj and you can rent skates with your friends and dance for however long you want. Imagine being really fucked up and putting on roller skates for your first time ever and trying to dance and balance yourself aha its harder then it looks. Around 11 pm the outdoor area closes and it goes underground to the back area called Rabbit Hole. Rabbit Hole reminds me of a real underground rave with the low ceilings and how up front and close the DJs are. Love the heavy bass bouncing off the walls and the darkness of the place giving you a deeper interaction with the laser lights and music.

Outside of clubs, my favourite party of the season was definitely Secret Sessions! It started off the summer so perfect, it had a real underground feel to it. Nobody knew the location, everybody had to meet at Plastik at 3 pm and we all got taken in a couple buses to the other side of the island in a secluded area high up in the montain’s. As you walk up you can see this huge all white villa, we walk in and you go through the main room, theres huge glass windows that lead up to the pool in the outside area with a beautiful view of the sea. Almost everybody from my apartment building was there and we all had just met, I feel like here is where we all really got to know each other and vibe each other out. I met people at Secret Sessions that I became good friends with the rest of the season, this was everything I wanted in a villa party, this was the REAL Ibiza. The music was wonderful, the staff was polite and making sure everybody was having a great time. I can honestly say there was no other party as original as this party the rest of the season.

Photo from one of my favorite nights on the island, Woo-Moon in Ibiza. This place is literally a festival in one night!

Me with my brothers Bilal, CJ, and John and Woo-Moon Ibiza.

Me with my brothers Bilal, CJ, and John and Woo-Moon Ibiza.

My twin brother came the weekend of BBC Radio 1, that weekend was unreal! We started by drinking a bottle of vodka and going to Ibiza Rocks where I bought my brother his first balloon ever lmao too funny watching him experience that. We come into Ibiza rocks and it was so lit! Me and my brother been a huge fan of U.K. hip-hop since I came back from Ibiza last summer. That Afro-Caribbean sound cant be touched, its too sick. So we linked up with a bunch of my friends and got to see B Young, Kojo Funds, Lotto Boyz, Nines, Not3s, and Steel Banglez. One of my favorite moments in Ibiza experiencing that with him after a long winter of listening to their music. The rest of the week was full of Pikes, Zoo Project, Kisstory at O Beach (Ocean Beach), and of course west end for sketamines. The heat was crazy he couldn’t stand it lol especially our apartment had no air con, overall he loved the week.

Being broke in Ibiza lol I know this is something a lot of you reading this can relate to. I came with about $8,000 to Ibiza, after that turned in to Euros it became 6,935 Euros, minus 2 months rent I paid upfront and deposit I ended up with around 5,700 Euros. Which isn’t that bad to spend the season with if you know people who can sort you out with a guest list and things like that, but we all know how things get in the sesh and wanting to live in the moment. I had a great 2 and a half months, until mid-August when I completely ran out of money. Zero Euros to my name, on the other side of the world, with two months of rent left to pay for the rest of the season. For the past two seasons, I always felt a shift in the season during this time of the summer, I feel like everybody is running out of money or ran out of money, people owe each other, people coming down from the past three months of drugs and alcohol. It's sort of the struggle of who’s going to make it to the end right now. My boy Khristian “The Mad Bastard” lol helped me loads, he really put himself in a position like we were one. If he had it, I had it, if I had it he had it, and that's what literally what made us survive. Although he is a Mad Bastard, that dude is one of the most loving and caring dudes you’ll ever meet.

The Mad Bastard and me lol

The Mad Bastard and me lol

People like Oona who would have 10 Euros and would spend 5 of it for us to share nachos so we both would have food in our stomachs for the night. Luckily I had some of the most best friends out there who helped me tremendously, and also the ones who were sorting me with art gigs, film jobs and other work I can do with my art to get by. There were times where I wouldn’t have a Euros to my name and the bartender at my favorite bar Koppas would help me out with free sketamines, or friends I helped out early in the season would help me out because they had it now, Jesus shop giving me free food cuz they said I was getting skinny ahah. I am really grateful for Maria and Pablo the managers of Azul for understanding my situation and helping me get by with being late for rent those last months. For some reason during those last two months being broke and hustling, I felt like those were the best times of the season. I felt like everybody was scraping to make it to the end so everybody was more compassionate and understanding of each others situation. I got so close to people in my apartment building I would just walk by or not even had a conversation with the whole season. Karma is huge in Ibiza, look after your loved ones, or friends because you never know when you’ll end up in a position like mine.

The last ones left on the cube, Azul.

The last ones left on the cube, Azul.

Overall this was the best summer of my entire life, Ibiza has its ups and downs, but this is where you truly learn from those experiences and find yourself. One day you’ll wake up and walk in to Jesus shop feeling terrible and walk out with new friends and on your way to a sick ass villa party who end up being your best friends for the rest of the season, and sometimes you’ll have the best day and end up jamming your toe cliff jumping. The best advice I can give is to pace yourself and take it all in organically and don’t overdo anything, overdoing anything is bad, even water lol. The island has tremendous energy there that will keep you positive, just surround yourself with those type of people. I compare the energy of the island to a Friday at work, everybody knows they are going to be off for the weekend so there's this collective energy that has everybody happy and going, imagine that energy in the air for 5 months, that’s Ibiza. See you soon summer 2019!

Some of my favourite photos of the summer below! Enjoy


Jonny Smith


I wanted to share my story of Ibiza with you guys on GoldenPyramidsTV.

I first visited the island aged 17 on a 18-30’s clubbing holiday and soon after that I fell in love with the place..I wanted to “do a season” for years and years and kept on using pretty much every excuse possible year after year as to why I shouldn’t do it and why I can’t do it.. “I’m working in decent job, I can’t just get up and leave the country” etc etc..  I’m not sure exactly what made me decide at the beginning of June 2016 that I was going to do it, but I quit my job and went ahead and booked a one way flight to Ibiza. I arrived and booked into a hotel for the first week as I struggled like mad to find any accommodation at all this point (my own fault for leaving it so late arriving of course.).. I met an old friend Marc that I had known from my hometown during the first few days of being there and was lucky enough to then be introduced into his circle and met some cool as fuck people..  After the first week in the hotel was up, I managed to find somewhere else for a further night then moved around each night having to live out of a suitcase - it was awful and there was no way at all of getting settled. After trying for a further week or so I crumbled, packed my suitcase for one final last time and booked a flight home on the Friday evening..  I got back home and I obviously felt like shit, I remember being in room and thinking fuck.. was that really it, something I’ve wanted to do for years,that was my Ibiza season, 2 and a bit weeks. Not even picked up a sun tan. Fuck.  A few days passed by, I was back in England and I had a some messages from a guy called Clayton who I’d been introduced to by Marc from hometown- in the short time I was in Ibiza we had got on really well and had a connection with this dude, As soon as Clayton found out that I had gone home he told me that I needed to sort my shit out, book the next available flight and get myself back out there, he was adamant that I could stay with them and that I should never have gone home and wanted me to come back. I was overwhelmed massively by this guy. He then sent me a video of I think 15 people in a room shouting “Come home Jonny!!”


So that’s what I did. That was it, 5 days later I was back on the Island and I was lucky enough to then have the best summer of my life, leaving at the end of September, meeting the most amazing people and being born into a new family! I ended up going back in 2017 for another season and met some more amazing people one of those being my main man Kalleb! All of this really happened for me because of one guy from Ibiza who decided to take me under his wing. Clayton Silvers for this mate I will always be forever grateful. 

Ibiza is a fucking beautiful place and so are the people.

“There’s no such thing as a bad day on the island of Ibiza, you can only have a bad hour or so” 


Jonny Smith





Ibiza was like the portal that opened up everything in my life for me. I always dreamed of visiting the island from a young age. From the moment you step onto the island you can literally feel the energy hit you as soon as I touched ground I fell in love.

You would expect to find nothing more than music, drugs, wild parties and sex which it is indeed notorious for but people don’t realize that the minute they step off that plane they are stepping onto one of the most spiritual places in the world where everyone lives and let lives. Of course you will find a small community of ket heads and techno heads but aside from the madness there is a hidden heartbeat. The island is full of some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, small coves, cliffs and everything in between to explore. The beautiful and majestic island of Es Vedra is one of my favorite spots. It is said to be the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world and when you sit in its presence and look in awe you can feel all your worries melt away, this is what gives the island its magnetism and I believe when they say something always draws you back that it is because of this magnetism. It is as if the island is conscious it knows what it is doing with you a lot of people say it can drive you crazy but in my experience it has chewed me up and spat me out to make me realize and learn so much about myself. Not only that but you meet people from all walks of life who you learn from and everyone has a story to tell it’s like a proper little community of hippies everyone is just free in the way they live. I miss walking about just seeing all the same familiar faces, sleeping my hangovers away on the beach, not knowing what day of the week it was because everyday is the weekend.

As for the club life if you have heard of Ibiza then you will know that it is the best place to visit for that, you can see all your favorite djs play at your doorstep even watch as the sunsets at mambo before the night erupts in chaos.

To sum it up Ibiza is.... whatever you want it to be but to me is nothing short of magical and paradise. And I guarantee you that once you step back on that plane you won’t be the same person you were when you were when you arrived. Everyone needs a little Ibiza in their life