Yerbas Y Tierra by Lauren Cabeza De Vaca

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Yerbas Y Tierra© founder Lauren Cabeza De Vaca has been an advocate for whole living for almost a decade.  Herbalism student and currently working towards her certificate in Nutritional Therapy and in school to become a RD she plans to use her education to create uplifting atmospheres that educate woman and men on how the simplicity of herbalism and diet can create a beautiful synergy. 

Yerbas Y Tierra© is built on the fundamental principles of wholeness. Having started out as a personal passion project it organically bloomed into a company based on an inspiration for plants (Yerbas) and earth (Tierra) and their exceptional talent to not only heal but teach. In a response to the lack of biological based self-care and the overly hard-to-swim-through abundant pseudo-science culture, Yerbas Y Tierra© was created: a skin line dedicated to bringing true botanical bounty to those who desire the next level in skin care.

Our skins epithelium is composed of stratified squamous cells. because of the nature of these cells our skin can intake whatever we put on its surface. A large percentage of what we apply topically enters our blood stream at a faster rate than if you had ingested it. This theory is used in practice in some common drug treatments (think nicotine patch & estrogen delivery patches) and is enlightening science to understand if you are interested in cleaning up your skin care routines. Simply stated: applying something on topically is an immediate gateway to our bloodstream, and bypasses our liver (the organ responsible for our “detox” pathways). 

True beauty encompasses a way of living. Because we love ourselves we feed our cells a nutritious whole food diet from sources as close to home as we can find. We leave out factory faming principles and opt for a more traditional way of eating, full of hormone boosting fats and mineral-plenty greens. Because we love ourselves we feed our skin its necessary lot of daily Vitamin D and don’t cover our bodies in petroleum nano-particle sunscreens, instead opting for smart sun exposure and using natural sunscreens free of chemicals. Because we love ourselves we pay attention to our bodies and move and groove them with the tides of our lives. Because we love ourselves we ditch the petro-chemical maze of endless beauty product promises for products that love our bodies and our environments. 

Do you ever wonder why some woman and men radiate? It’s not because of a singular practice, it’s because they live within the ideals of radiant health. Individuals who love themselves naturally nurture their beings. Our biology on a cellular level is composed of a myriad of natural chemical cofactors that build our bodies from atom to organism. Our bodies truly radiate all on their own. However, through the years of over sanitation, harmful applications, the unconscious bathing in carcinogenic bubble baths, the drinking of toxic municipal water, and over use of nutrient devoid diets, we have dulled our delicate cells and in turn our skin has suffered. 

When we are void of nutrients we are prone to skin burns, hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles. Our hair becomes pre-maturely grey and thinning begins. We essentially give away our OJAS, The Ayurveda essence of life; The FAT, the JUICENESS of health and immunity. Deficiencies of the mind body and soul are a growing concern. It’s time for to strive for radical biological radiance. To apply practices that teach us how to love our bodies throughout all stages of life. This is what Yerbas Y Tierra© stands for.

Yerbas T Tierra’s© Product line is rooted in the ancient studies of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine with touches of westernized herbalism sprinkled throughout. Each plant product is hand-created in a small Bay Area home. The botanical extract sits for 6 weeks where each individual plant’s nutrients and minerals slowly and peacefully extract into their bases. These infusions are used as the potent bases of all of our formulas. After that each ingredient is specially selected and added in correct dilutions to create nutritious skin food full of antioxidant and phytonutrient bounty. Products currently in rotation are:  Botanical Face Serum, Ojas Violet Breast Balm, Inflamaheal oil (rosacea prone skin), Sunra’ oil (Sun bathing serum), Ayurveda Hair Oil, Green Tea and Chamomile Eye serum and last but not least a Abayanga oil. 

YYT© only uses organic oils and wild crafted plants in our formulas, never containing any synthetics, preservatives or harsh skin drying alcohols.

Stay tuned for opening in April & follow @YerbasYTierra on Instagram for updates/inquires.


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