Andrew Ramos Birthday

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So before I begin i'd like to add that whenever I sleep early in the day, that night night I have either the craziest sleep paralysis or a crazy evil dream.  Not too sure why but this been happening for most of my life.  

So the dream begins i'm at my old apartment on Kitty Hawk and shoreline in Alameda, and for some reason i'm high off my ass.  I walk up the stairs to my apartments and all of a sudden i'm going up a staircase that was in France this past summer when I was there.  I see two couples up there fooling around and i'm confused like wtf is going on.  I know i'm tripping so I decide to go back down, I "say excuse me" and the guy says something back in a accent.  I ask him "where are you from?", he responds "from Auschwitz" I was taken back and sort of scared like wtf is going on, "the concentration camp?". He says "yes thats where we are from, we traveled in to 2018".  I said i thought you were from France because your accent, he then says "you were in Lyon this summer, i know". That scared the shit out of me, so I ran downstairs, then this old muslim lady wearing a abaya (traditional clothing covering everything a woman is wearing from head to toe, except for her eyes in Saudi Arabia).  I help her down, she takes off whats covering her face and her face is a old creepy woman with all white eyes, and i'm surrounded by about 8 of them.  I got away some how, I ran back to my apartment and some white girl was there, as I was changing my clothes she began seducing me, and we started hooking up.  My brother walks in and starts yelling at her because she was wearing one of his t-shirts lol.  After that I went to sleep, I woke up and started my day and got on my bike.  Then once again I'm high as fuck again biking down shoreline and everything is surreal, i'm still in my dream.  I'm trying to make it to my apartment, and i'm clothed in a suit for some reason.  I go in to a bathroom and start jacking off lmao and I snap out of it like what the fuck is going on with me, I felt like as I was possessed and somebody was controlling me.  Then again I wake up and i'm in my room thinking everything was a dream, I walk outside my door and there's a creepy doll right outside of it and I start trippin once again.  I run downstairs and it's Jp in a suit and my brother and his girlfriend Bridget yelling at me to get in the car because they just got back from the valentines day Erykah Badu show and that we're going to be late to Andrew Ramos birthday party.  So we hop in the van, we get there and i notice i'm wearing sweat pants and some weird space boots.  I said "na i'm not going in like this, I have to go home and change" everybody says no we been waiting for you already for so long.  They get mad and walk off, Jp waits for me as I go through the van which has now turned in to Bridgets car, and I throw on her turquoise Northface jacket.  We walk in and the first person i see is Holden, then Snort, Big Al, and two random Asian girls that looked familiar.  One of the asian girls are in the bathroom playing with a dog, I ask if I can use the bathroom to blow my nose, I blow my nose and look up at the mirror and look at my self, and I was shocked! I was a Asian girl with hella make up wearing a turquoise outfit, and lots of gold on, I was covered in gold.  Like wtf is this how i really look? I sat next to Jp confused like bruh whats happening why am I stuck in this world and off some random drug thats not letting me come down.  I looked at Jp and said "man these dreams been fucking with my reality, i dont know whether things are real or if im still dreaming, you got to help me".  He looks me dead in the eyes and says "I'm in a suit, and i dont want to be in a suit, theres nothing i can do for you".  Thats when it set in that I was stuck in this place forever.  Then Andrew walks in and we all sing happy birthday to him.  Happy birthday Andrew Ramos.

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Dream By Rebelstilskin