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 I can't say that what I witnessed in the sky that March afternoon was indeed an unidentified flying object. What I can say is that what I experienced was a cocktail of panic, fear, amazement, and ultimate surrender coupled with a total recall of everything i've ever seen or read related to UFO's. 11:00 a.m. * I like to smoke joints and take long walks on fire trails near my father's house The grass is most always green, and if your brave the side of the hillface, you can see Pittsburg in its entirety. Every Eerie Indiana-esque bit of it. From the Dow Chemical factory to the misplaced recently redone downtown portion. There's a golf course, and there are homeless and hookers. * I most always mobb up the hill right after smoking, and today was no different. I rolled a joint in the car, burned it while looking at birds at the foot of the hill, and proceeded to smash up. The hill goes pretty high. It's not rare to see the tops of hawks or get a close look at the pattern underneath their wings. Once reaching the top or close to the top, it's customary for me to turn around and take in the view. Up to this point, there was nothing going on that was noteowothy in the slightest. AS far as I could tell, I was completely alone on the hill. * While taking in the view, I started to feel a strong sensation to turn around. It wasn't something that was triggered by sound or light. It was a sensation. It felt like a numbness on the side of my neck. I turned around. My attention was immediately caught by what I initially thought was a plane in the sky. The assumed plane was reflecting sunlight directly into my eye holes, floating slowly overhead like a foily rectangle. * After visually identifing the object overhead, I started to analyze what it might be. Balloons were immediately ruled out by size. I was hoping it was a plane, but it started to do something that wasn't very plane-like. It started to vibrate and look like a wave. The metalic rectangular shape was taking the form of heatwaves off hot cement. I dug that and wanted to see what else it might offer me. This is where the fear cocktial was modded to a molotov form. * The vibration shook me. I wasn't scared shitless yet, however. I continued to stare into the object, and it felt like it was moving closer to me. Moving farther up the hill would have just put me in closer range of defeat, so I started to mobb back down the hill. It was either back down, or to the side, which would have had me stopped at a fence. I started down. It wasn't the best move as I was giving up my back. * Moving down, the heat on my neck started to fade, and the shakey form started to act normal. I looked back a few times and it seemd like everything had stopped. The object was indeed a plane of some sort. I didn't feel stupid, though. I was very much sure something weird was going on. Whether the weird thing was just me remains to be seen, but back at the car and for the rest of the day, this is how I broke it down. * The heat on my neck could have been from being up high closer to the sun and just from walking up a really steep hill. The plane in its rectangular shape could have just been reflecting sun rather strongly. It could be that I was a bit woozy from enduring the elements while being stoned. It also could have been that that plane was something strange with with an even stranger agenda. I'm not a pilot, but it wasn't a commerical plane and it wasn't a sesna. It very well could have been some shapeshifting tech being taken for a test ride, or human eating praying mantis joes looking for a bug to catch. I was left with a blissfull understanding. A total surrender. * As it stands, I'd like to think it's just another incident in the gazillions of incidents that stand as a testimant to the truly mysterious nature of every thing. IT could have been me tripping. IT could have been a UFO, I could have been me tripping about tripping out it being a UFO. For now, it'll have to be charged to the game, and stand for what it truly was, a mysterious occurence on the hill.