I was chilling downtown somewhere. In a city with colonial-like architecture. Very dark in its colors, aside from the time of day in which it took place, which seemed to be somewhere in between 4-6 a.m.  I was amongst a group of around 10-15 people like myself, sort of lost while trying to put things together while two people in trench coats were guiding us around. Not in a tour-like manner, but as if they were preparing us for what was to come.  There were several of these groups of people scattered around this esplanade, each lead by two individuals with the same attire.  My attention kept drifting in and out from the information they were giving us because I couldn't help but notice the lights surrounding the moon and how they'd slowly shift out of their positions. Suddenly something happened in the distance and the people in trench coats began to run towards chaos. Suddenly, the people in trench coats began shapeshifting into reptilian/alien species. Suddenly, the rest of us fell unconscious.  At this point in my dream, I was aware of something taking place outside of this "unconscious state" which we were placed under, while also being the only person who could still perceive everything that was happening and the feeling of something/someone coming towards me, knowing I wasn't fully unconscious, as these entities were feeding off our vibrations individually. I kept calling it towards me because I wanted to see it. The air, or the maybe just the presence felt so thick as it grew near, but the image became more shadow-like as it got closer, but I definitely felt it and it was so strong that I could almost picture it. The purpose of them feeding off our vibrations was in order for them to become us and us to become them continue a path of "broader" intelligence. I noticed at some point that we weren't at the initial location but rather under a different atmosphere where everything was still dark but the lights that were once surrounding the moon were now closer and brighter and more colorful and seem to belong more where we now were being held.  I tried to bring myself back to consciousness within my dream in order tolock in some sort of interaction while out of nowhere I started hearing people screaming which was almost unbearable. I "woke up" and saw myself asleep and tried to wake myself up, but I couldn't. While the image of what was going on in the other (?) dream was still in mind, I ran around my room trying to find the keys to leave the house and find myself where I was in that dream. I saw everything super clear and vivid in the dark while trying to frantically leave the room. Finally woke up and tried to bring some continuity to the dream but nah.