A visit from a Angel


My freshmen year at Oakland high, there was this guy who was a little older but was sort of like a big brother to everyone (Andrew Porter).  One night Drew and a few others went to a party, walked past the wrong house, i'm sure every one from Oakland/Alameda know how stupid niggas acted back then especially in '06-'09, but Andrew was killed in what I can't even call a confrontation.  All because they were just walking to the near by party.  Drew was shot and killed to say the least, death wasn't anything new to me, but I was so hurt by the tragic event I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, feelin as though it could be me next time.  At the funeral I seen the toughest guys crying, when I got home that day I layed down, it was the only thing I felt like doin, so I slip off into a nap and had a dream.  In this dream, I sat in the cafeteria of my elementary school, but as I sat Drew walks up and sits down, he had this bright aura, as he sits down he put his hand on my back and looks me in the eye like brothers do, and says "I'll be seeing you", then he gets up and walks off.  When I woke up I didn't feel so bad anymore.

Dream by Barfield