Andrew Ramos Birthday

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So before I begin i'd like to add that whenever I sleep early in the day, that night night I have either the craziest sleep paralysis or a crazy evil dream.  Not too sure why but this been happening for most of my life.  

So the dream begins i'm at my old apartment on Kitty Hawk and shoreline in Alameda, and for some reason i'm high off my ass.  I walk up the stairs to my apartments and all of a sudden i'm going up a staircase that was in France this past summer when I was there.  I see two couples up there fooling around and i'm confused like wtf is going on.  I know i'm tripping so I decide to go back down, I "say excuse me" and the guy says something back in a accent.  I ask him "where are you from?", he responds "from Auschwitz" I was taken back and sort of scared like wtf is going on, "the concentration camp?". He says "yes thats where we are from, we traveled in to 2018".  I said i thought you were from France because your accent, he then says "you were in Lyon this summer, i know". That scared the shit out of me, so I ran downstairs, then this old muslim lady wearing a abaya (traditional clothing covering everything a woman is wearing from head to toe, except for her eyes in Saudi Arabia).  I help her down, she takes off whats covering her face and her face is a old creepy woman with all white eyes, and i'm surrounded by about 8 of them.  I got away some how, I ran back to my apartment and some white girl was there, as I was changing my clothes she began seducing me, and we started hooking up.  My brother walks in and starts yelling at her because she was wearing one of his t-shirts lol.  After that I went to sleep, I woke up and started my day and got on my bike.  Then once again I'm high as fuck again biking down shoreline and everything is surreal, i'm still in my dream.  I'm trying to make it to my apartment, and i'm clothed in a suit for some reason.  I go in to a bathroom and start jacking off lmao and I snap out of it like what the fuck is going on with me, I felt like as I was possessed and somebody was controlling me.  Then again I wake up and i'm in my room thinking everything was a dream, I walk outside my door and there's a creepy doll right outside of it and I start trippin once again.  I run downstairs and it's Jp in a suit and my brother and his girlfriend Bridget yelling at me to get in the car because they just got back from the valentines day Erykah Badu show and that we're going to be late to Andrew Ramos birthday party.  So we hop in the van, we get there and i notice i'm wearing sweat pants and some weird space boots.  I said "na i'm not going in like this, I have to go home and change" everybody says no we been waiting for you already for so long.  They get mad and walk off, Jp waits for me as I go through the van which has now turned in to Bridgets car, and I throw on her turquoise Northface jacket.  We walk in and the first person i see is Holden, then Snort, Big Al, and two random Asian girls that looked familiar.  One of the asian girls are in the bathroom playing with a dog, I ask if I can use the bathroom to blow my nose, I blow my nose and look up at the mirror and look at my self, and I was shocked! I was a Asian girl with hella make up wearing a turquoise outfit, and lots of gold on, I was covered in gold.  Like wtf is this how i really look? I sat next to Jp confused like bruh whats happening why am I stuck in this world and off some random drug thats not letting me come down.  I looked at Jp and said "man these dreams been fucking with my reality, i dont know whether things are real or if im still dreaming, you got to help me".  He looks me dead in the eyes and says "I'm in a suit, and i dont want to be in a suit, theres nothing i can do for you".  Thats when it set in that I was stuck in this place forever.  Then Andrew walks in and we all sing happy birthday to him.  Happy birthday Andrew Ramos.

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Dream By Rebelstilskin


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 I can't say that what I witnessed in the sky that March afternoon was indeed an unidentified flying object. What I can say is that what I experienced was a cocktail of panic, fear, amazement, and ultimate surrender coupled with a total recall of everything i've ever seen or read related to UFO's. 11:00 a.m. * I like to smoke joints and take long walks on fire trails near my father's house The grass is most always green, and if your brave the side of the hillface, you can see Pittsburg in its entirety. Every Eerie Indiana-esque bit of it. From the Dow Chemical factory to the misplaced recently redone downtown portion. There's a golf course, and there are homeless and hookers. * I most always mobb up the hill right after smoking, and today was no different. I rolled a joint in the car, burned it while looking at birds at the foot of the hill, and proceeded to smash up. The hill goes pretty high. It's not rare to see the tops of hawks or get a close look at the pattern underneath their wings. Once reaching the top or close to the top, it's customary for me to turn around and take in the view. Up to this point, there was nothing going on that was noteowothy in the slightest. AS far as I could tell, I was completely alone on the hill. * While taking in the view, I started to feel a strong sensation to turn around. It wasn't something that was triggered by sound or light. It was a sensation. It felt like a numbness on the side of my neck. I turned around. My attention was immediately caught by what I initially thought was a plane in the sky. The assumed plane was reflecting sunlight directly into my eye holes, floating slowly overhead like a foily rectangle. * After visually identifing the object overhead, I started to analyze what it might be. Balloons were immediately ruled out by size. I was hoping it was a plane, but it started to do something that wasn't very plane-like. It started to vibrate and look like a wave. The metalic rectangular shape was taking the form of heatwaves off hot cement. I dug that and wanted to see what else it might offer me. This is where the fear cocktial was modded to a molotov form. * The vibration shook me. I wasn't scared shitless yet, however. I continued to stare into the object, and it felt like it was moving closer to me. Moving farther up the hill would have just put me in closer range of defeat, so I started to mobb back down the hill. It was either back down, or to the side, which would have had me stopped at a fence. I started down. It wasn't the best move as I was giving up my back. * Moving down, the heat on my neck started to fade, and the shakey form started to act normal. I looked back a few times and it seemd like everything had stopped. The object was indeed a plane of some sort. I didn't feel stupid, though. I was very much sure something weird was going on. Whether the weird thing was just me remains to be seen, but back at the car and for the rest of the day, this is how I broke it down. * The heat on my neck could have been from being up high closer to the sun and just from walking up a really steep hill. The plane in its rectangular shape could have just been reflecting sun rather strongly. It could be that I was a bit woozy from enduring the elements while being stoned. It also could have been that that plane was something strange with with an even stranger agenda. I'm not a pilot, but it wasn't a commerical plane and it wasn't a sesna. It very well could have been some shapeshifting tech being taken for a test ride, or human eating praying mantis joes looking for a bug to catch. I was left with a blissfull understanding. A total surrender. * As it stands, I'd like to think it's just another incident in the gazillions of incidents that stand as a testimant to the truly mysterious nature of every thing. IT could have been me tripping. IT could have been a UFO, I could have been me tripping about tripping out it being a UFO. For now, it'll have to be charged to the game, and stand for what it truly was, a mysterious occurence on the hill.

A visit from a Angel


My freshmen year at Oakland high, there was this guy who was a little older but was sort of like a big brother to everyone (Andrew Porter).  One night Drew and a few others went to a party, walked past the wrong house, i'm sure every one from Oakland/Alameda know how stupid niggas acted back then especially in '06-'09, but Andrew was killed in what I can't even call a confrontation.  All because they were just walking to the near by party.  Drew was shot and killed to say the least, death wasn't anything new to me, but I was so hurt by the tragic event I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, feelin as though it could be me next time.  At the funeral I seen the toughest guys crying, when I got home that day I layed down, it was the only thing I felt like doin, so I slip off into a nap and had a dream.  In this dream, I sat in the cafeteria of my elementary school, but as I sat Drew walks up and sits down, he had this bright aura, as he sits down he put his hand on my back and looks me in the eye like brothers do, and says "I'll be seeing you", then he gets up and walks off.  When I woke up I didn't feel so bad anymore.

Dream by Barfield



I was chilling downtown somewhere. In a city with colonial-like architecture. Very dark in its colors, aside from the time of day in which it took place, which seemed to be somewhere in between 4-6 a.m.  I was amongst a group of around 10-15 people like myself, sort of lost while trying to put things together while two people in trench coats were guiding us around. Not in a tour-like manner, but as if they were preparing us for what was to come.  There were several of these groups of people scattered around this esplanade, each lead by two individuals with the same attire.  My attention kept drifting in and out from the information they were giving us because I couldn't help but notice the lights surrounding the moon and how they'd slowly shift out of their positions. Suddenly something happened in the distance and the people in trench coats began to run towards chaos. Suddenly, the people in trench coats began shapeshifting into reptilian/alien species. Suddenly, the rest of us fell unconscious.  At this point in my dream, I was aware of something taking place outside of this "unconscious state" which we were placed under, while also being the only person who could still perceive everything that was happening and the feeling of something/someone coming towards me, knowing I wasn't fully unconscious, as these entities were feeding off our vibrations individually. I kept calling it towards me because I wanted to see it. The air, or the maybe just the presence felt so thick as it grew near, but the image became more shadow-like as it got closer, but I definitely felt it and it was so strong that I could almost picture it. The purpose of them feeding off our vibrations was in order for them to become us and us to become them continue a path of "broader" intelligence. I noticed at some point that we weren't at the initial location but rather under a different atmosphere where everything was still dark but the lights that were once surrounding the moon were now closer and brighter and more colorful and seem to belong more where we now were being held.  I tried to bring myself back to consciousness within my dream in order tolock in some sort of interaction while out of nowhere I started hearing people screaming which was almost unbearable. I "woke up" and saw myself asleep and tried to wake myself up, but I couldn't. While the image of what was going on in the other (?) dream was still in mind, I ran around my room trying to find the keys to leave the house and find myself where I was in that dream. I saw everything super clear and vivid in the dark while trying to frantically leave the room. Finally woke up and tried to bring some continuity to the dream but nah.




My cousin who I was very close with passed back in February 2016. He had suffered with epilepsy all his life, often having intense seizures. One day when he was working at Safeway and helping someone to their car when he had a seizure and hit his head on a sidewalk. From then on he was bed ridden in the hospital for 8 months, wasn't very responsive,  and had multiple brain surgeries. He was slowly getting better, until he was transferred to a hospital in Hayward. After 3 days of staying there he had developed severe pneumonia, severe dehydration, and other sicknesses. This caused his health to go downhill quickly. He was transferred back to sf general, but there wasn't much they could do. He passed away shortly after getting back to that hospital. I was torn apart by this and fell into a deep depression for awhile. About a week after his passing I had a dream that we (me and my deceased cousin Arnold) were playing at my grandmothers house like we used to when we were younger. I remember him looking into my eyes, smiling, then hugging me tightly. Then he whispered in my ear, "I'm free now." He smiled at me again and started to walk away, then I woke up. When I woke up I realized I had been crying in my sleep. It felt so real to me. I miss him everyday.