A sonical narrative is expanding in the heart of a Scottish town.

Ran through a Record Label known as Shamaan’s Hidden Cult, and an Events Brand known as CULT:URE CLUB, something special is coming to a city that, has always has a rich and diverse musical culture, but has never truly accepted or adopted what the Europeans are copping onto these days more and more, thus far anyway.

When people used to think of Minimal, they would think of music which was less intense or powerful than Techno or House, but these days, it is ever prevalent this this musical genre has so much potential. Some of the biggest, craziest, and most beautiful music would fall under the term “Minimal”, but it is anything but that. It is Maximum sonic fidelity wrapped in an exquisite groove-enthralling journey that every year is being expanded on by more and more intricate and diverse sub-genres.
The Shamaan’s Hidden Cult label has adorned this, and will soon have CULT:URE ALLURE REMIXES 01 to showcase as its first major step in the Music Industry.

This EP will feature 4 tracks; 2 x Remixes from Djebali of “Shaamrock”, and 2 x Remixes of “Sunwaves” by Mystery Artists. These tracks are of course by Capej, the label and events runner as we go on this voyage of House, Tech & Deep Tech artefacts laced by the aura that is a Minimalistic approach and focus by the label.

As for the event brand, CULT:URE CLUB hits hard on May 11th with TERENCE: TERRY: B2B CAPEJ (ALL NIGHT LONG) @ 500 GWR, Glasgow, with another major offering coming later this year on Scottish soil. Of course, the brand is venturing oversees with its first touchdown in Madrid on 4th July.
This party is ACCESS X CULT:URE CLUB with an All-Star Cast of Cesc b2b Vincent Giumelli,
D’John, Capej, Mari.te & Terence :Terry:
spread over 6 hours of House music at Goya Social Club.

With Capej releasing on dual vinyl in the very near future we can’t wait for our next steps.
We have a 3-track vinyl release by Capej, and a 3-track vinyl release by Capej & BRE up very shortly on some highly regarded external labels.
We aim to bring a refined and select approach to our label releases; with the methodology of Quality over Quantity. We are always on the lookout for interesting releases, from well-known and developing Artists. We release Minimal / Deep Tech primarily, but will look into other Tech House and House variants releasing in moderation, if interesting, unique and creative enough.

For demos contact:

SHC005 is CULT:URE ALLURE REMIXES 01, and we can’t wait to share who is involved in totality to mark our halfway point to 10 releases. After this, SHC006 will drop with 4-tracks from a tremendous Producer from the Eastern way… We will be sure to test some of these in the upcoming shows before official releases.
You can catch Capej at 500 GWR on May 11th, the 4th of July in Madrid for the exciting All-Star Showcase, or hear some upcoming sets and tracks via the links below!