Launching in January 2018, Bambis Den is a sustainable fashion brand specialising in handmade clothes, upcycled pieces and recycled materials.Bambi herself loves finding treasure and giving things new leases of life, her goal as a brand is to be as sustainable as possible with ever growing changes to the brand to achieve this goal.The inspiration behind Bambis Den is simple, a place for her to express creativity in the many forms she enjoys. With a love of festival fashion, street wear, vintage and costume. Bambis Den is a Den of creativity, misfit attire and lost treasure whilst producing things which are sustainable, fun and eclectic. You can find Bambi in local fabric and trim shops, charity shops, vintage fairs, back street treasure stores and traveling around places to find all the things that are lost but now found.


Denim is staple to the Den, so many Denim jackets and Jeans get wasted yearly I take it upon myself to thrift as many as possible to rework in sustainable ways. I source a lot of my Jackets locally along with the trims I often add to them, recently I've begun getting into hand painting onto the jackets, painting is something I enjoy but often neglect due to my sewing commitments but this year I've made a promise to myself to practice more and be more arty with it. 


The Den has many aspects and meaning to it, it's about spreading good vibes, empowerment, sustainability and creativity but for the most of it, it's fun. Through out you'll find pieces ranging from festival fashion and street wear, two of my favourite style, I grew up loving hip hop and being on block but I've always loved quirky clothes so I like to mix it up. Festival fashion is like escapism, I started attending and trading at festivals in my early 20s and really fell in love with the magic and how colourful it all was. Bringing in the costume side of the brand was very back and forth to begin with as I wasn't sure how it would all fit but that's what the Den is about, it's a den of misfits and creativity and I guess to a degree festival fashion has it's element of costume design. 

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We currently sell through depop under Bambis Den or you can find us on Etsy we're also on Instagram and twitter under Bambis Den. The next stage is building our website and getting out there at more events.

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