Charles Therrell - DISK DOKTOR


Charles Therrell, a/k/a DISK DOKTOR, is a professional DJ working out of 
Port Orchard, WA.

What Charles Therrell aims to be is Pandora and Spotify’s worst 
nightmare: A human being, putting together tracks based on feelings, not 
algorithms. He seeks to connect points in the musical continuum that 
would be impossible within the constraints of commercial media.

“Remember that feeling when a friend would make a mixtape for you and 
put a cassette in your hands? I want to bring that feeling back. The 
feeling I would get cold-cutting tracks on a dual-cassette deck. It’s 
like trying to keep a dead language alive. The entire point of art is to 
make someone feel something.” - Therrell

Charles’ experiences in music come from ten years of study in classical 
music performance as a trumpet player, three years of percussion studies 
as a drummer, and two years of study of Music Theory. Therrell has both 
performed and composed music during seven years of voice and guitar study.

Therrell holds a B.A. In Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts from 
San Francisco State University, and an A.A.S. in Graphic Design from 
Suffolk County Community College.

Therrell was the host and producer of The End of the World Party radio 
programme on KSFS for two and a half years at San Francisco State 
(2011-2013). He has spun music for audiences in San Francisco, Oakland, 
Alameda, and Seattle.


I made this mix for a friends home dance party