acid bath.jpeg

My name is Davon Foots, sometimes known as Acid Bath in the art scene, i gave myself this nickname because my work had heavy drug influences mainly psychedelics, opiates and some good trees, I liked this name also because it always draws attention and keeps people curious and wondering.

I used to do a lot of colorful collage and mixed media illustration, but as of recent my work has take n a whole new direction, with a lot less color, i mainly focus on using black, white, red and gold. my work changed heavily as the world around me has rapidly changed and that has altered my message and vision thru art. I often sample and repurpose a lot of religious art to gain a reaction from the viewers and just to wake people up and make them question what they believe in and to go against the norm. I just hate to watch my peers and people around me lingering blindly in this world,,just believing certain things because thats what they've been told their whole life. I think it hits me more on a personal level because, throughout life I've always had hard time trusting things and need more detail to make me think a certain way. i like to remain open minded and finding the alternatives to what most think is simple and true.

Ive always been creating since I was young, but i would say I started to take it serious about 7 years ago. i always like to stay occupied because i get bored very quickly, and its also like a form of therapy for me whenever i'm angry or upset i can start creating and let out that energy in a more productive way, rather than letting things get to me and becoming self destructive. the first time i shared my work was in 2010 as a part of Oakland's first fridays, i felt extremely blessed when i got the opportunity, and i think i may be doing a final show here as a tribute for this diverse city that always showed me so much love.

I would say my main inspirations come from music and fashion, i try to relate my style to concepts and clothing projects. Im always listening deep to the lyrics in certain songs and trying to decipher a message or influence that i can also represent in my artwork. Im always inspired by poetry and religion too, i'm not a very religious person but i find religion as a subject is very interesting because of how in depth it is with details and how many different directions you can take by delving into it. its never ending!

Over the past few years I've self published 3 mixed media art and poetry books, i like to do this as a way of documenting my style and phases in my work, i do these projects to show people a piece of my world and whats going on in my mind hoping i can spark some thought or relation to my viewers. i like to show my progress and different influences over a certain period of time. my next move is to self publish 1 final project and then to have one last group show in Oakland with some good friends, local artists, and past collaborators. After this project i think i will be taking a small step back from the art scene as a whole, no more hosting, no more curating, because at this point i feel burnt out and may need to try my hand at something new while remaining creative and being able to find myself once again. i feel trapped in a dark world..filled with sex, drugs, money, and sins..when all i want to do its stick to my dreams, and break free from this nightmare.