A sonical narrative is expanding in the heart of a Scottish town.

Ran through a Record Label known as Shamaan’s Hidden Cult, and an Events Brand known as CULT:URE CLUB, something special is coming to a city that, has always has a rich and diverse musical culture, but has never truly accepted or adopted what the Europeans are copping onto these days more and more, thus far anyway.

When people used to think of Minimal, they would think of music which was less intense or powerful than Techno or House, but these days, it is ever prevalent this this musical genre has so much potential. Some of the biggest, craziest, and most beautiful music would fall under the term “Minimal”, but it is anything but that. It is Maximum sonic fidelity wrapped in an exquisite groove-enthralling journey that every year is being expanded on by more and more intricate and diverse sub-genres.
The Shamaan’s Hidden Cult label has adorned this, and will soon have CULT:URE ALLURE REMIXES 01 to showcase as its first major step in the Music Industry.

This EP will feature 4 tracks; 2 x Remixes from Djebali of “Shaamrock”, and 2 x Remixes of “Sunwaves” by Mystery Artists. These tracks are of course by Capej, the label and events runner as we go on this voyage of House, Tech & Deep Tech artefacts laced by the aura that is a Minimalistic approach and focus by the label.

As for the event brand, CULT:URE CLUB hits hard on May 11th with TERENCE: TERRY: B2B CAPEJ (ALL NIGHT LONG) @ 500 GWR, Glasgow, with another major offering coming later this year on Scottish soil. Of course, the brand is venturing oversees with its first touchdown in Madrid on 4th July.
This party is ACCESS X CULT:URE CLUB with an All-Star Cast of Cesc b2b Vincent Giumelli,
D’John, Capej, Mari.te & Terence :Terry:
spread over 6 hours of House music at Goya Social Club.

With Capej releasing on dual vinyl in the very near future we can’t wait for our next steps.
We have a 3-track vinyl release by Capej, and a 3-track vinyl release by Capej & BRE up very shortly on some highly regarded external labels.
We aim to bring a refined and select approach to our label releases; with the methodology of Quality over Quantity. We are always on the lookout for interesting releases, from well-known and developing Artists. We release Minimal / Deep Tech primarily, but will look into other Tech House and House variants releasing in moderation, if interesting, unique and creative enough.

For demos contact:

SHC005 is CULT:URE ALLURE REMIXES 01, and we can’t wait to share who is involved in totality to mark our halfway point to 10 releases. After this, SHC006 will drop with 4-tracks from a tremendous Producer from the Eastern way… We will be sure to test some of these in the upcoming shows before official releases.
You can catch Capej at 500 GWR on May 11th, the 4th of July in Madrid for the exciting All-Star Showcase, or hear some upcoming sets and tracks via the links below!


KIDS SHOW "SAFE SEX IS COOL" A Exhibition By Rebelstilskin, and Justin Thom

Safe Sex Is Cool: Art That Commands Awareness


To be forever young… free of the weight of the world, time in abundance and a Pandora’s box of new experiences to be known; everything and anything is possible. With short-sighted eyes, life is uncomplicated, self-gratifying and delicious. Coming-of-age and feeling invincible, who is to know what the world will be a decade, or three, down the line - and who cares? To be forever young.

Yet, life-altering experiences don’t discriminate against age. KIDS – the cult-film capturing 90s New York youth culture – reaches its 23rd anniversary this year. Harrowing, gritty and real, director Larry Clark and writer Harmony Korine’s work in bringing light to a generation of street kids also serves as an unadorned wakeup call. What happens when children play with adult matters, namely sex and STDs? For one character, one time is all it takes for life to suddenly appear dismally shorter. Living the moment, chasing new highs - contracting diseases and questioning death is never a thought for these young minds. 

Moved by this stark depiction of the repercussions into innocent forays, artists Justin Thomas Ladhar and Rebelstilskin feel a responsibility. Having lived their own realities of a KIDS life, the themes explored in the film hit close to home. Carrying the spirit of a dear friend infected with HIV, these two young creators seek to remedy the silence around safe sex. Where formal education lacks in its duty, their comrade’s words, “use me as an example”, are the spur for creating something everyone can take from.

Sparking a new conversation, Safe Sex Is Cool is a display of the film’s iconic moments captured in acrylic-coated canvas and hand-pulled, screen-printed posters. Conveying scenes through bright, mesmeric works, the installation will be accompanied by an exclusive interactive piece that guests can engage and take photos with. Spread across 4th and 5th May, the walls at Good Mother Gallery are set to come vividly alive. 5pm – 11pm each day, the artists invite all walks of life to immerse in their tribute to KIDS and, indeed, the kids of today. 

T-shirts and art will be for sale as well as 500 free condoms for all.


For the artists of this exhibit, their story is nothing short of compelling as the film that brought the two together. With a mutual love for KIDS and a shared difficult upbringing, art is the one privilege that colours their worlds. Justin Thomas Ladhar and Rebelstilskin are both California-based creatives who have worked over several years to produce their very first show together, Safe Sex Is Cool. For Rebelstilskin, his Psychedelic experiences, and dream encounters inspired his craft, colour and paint are his way of bringing light to dark spaces; now filmmaker, painter and founder of Golden Pyramids Art Collective. Justin is currently focused on multimedia design and folk art. He lives and works in the Bay Area where he enjoys watching combat sports and collecting antiques.

Kids Show, Safe Sex Is Cool, Saturday May 4th 2019




Launching in January 2018, Bambis Den is a sustainable fashion brand specialising in handmade clothes, upcycled pieces and recycled materials.Bambi herself loves finding treasure and giving things new leases of life, her goal as a brand is to be as sustainable as possible with ever growing changes to the brand to achieve this goal.The inspiration behind Bambis Den is simple, a place for her to express creativity in the many forms she enjoys. With a love of festival fashion, street wear, vintage and costume. Bambis Den is a Den of creativity, misfit attire and lost treasure whilst producing things which are sustainable, fun and eclectic. You can find Bambi in local fabric and trim shops, charity shops, vintage fairs, back street treasure stores and traveling around places to find all the things that are lost but now found.


Denim is staple to the Den, so many Denim jackets and Jeans get wasted yearly I take it upon myself to thrift as many as possible to rework in sustainable ways. I source a lot of my Jackets locally along with the trims I often add to them, recently I've begun getting into hand painting onto the jackets, painting is something I enjoy but often neglect due to my sewing commitments but this year I've made a promise to myself to practice more and be more arty with it. 


The Den has many aspects and meaning to it, it's about spreading good vibes, empowerment, sustainability and creativity but for the most of it, it's fun. Through out you'll find pieces ranging from festival fashion and street wear, two of my favourite style, I grew up loving hip hop and being on block but I've always loved quirky clothes so I like to mix it up. Festival fashion is like escapism, I started attending and trading at festivals in my early 20s and really fell in love with the magic and how colourful it all was. Bringing in the costume side of the brand was very back and forth to begin with as I wasn't sure how it would all fit but that's what the Den is about, it's a den of misfits and creativity and I guess to a degree festival fashion has it's element of costume design. 

IMG_5044 - Copy.JPG

We currently sell through depop under Bambis Den or you can find us on Etsy we're also on Instagram and twitter under Bambis Den. The next stage is building our website and getting out there at more events.

instagram colour.jpg

Neon Valley

neon valleys.jpg

Rooted in late nights where hearts and minds race, Neon Valley emerges from a fictive world of music with cross-genre approaches of mesmerizing funk and synth pop. Spellbound rythems and funky bold hooks with glam-funk strut that are coupled with immaculate arrangements with homely tones. Neon Valley’s musical genre sets the tone perfectly for a cashmere-cozy night or one for the night out. This Montreal duo’s amiable musical genre mixed with shameless fun whose jam- oriented style is taylored perfectly for the dancefloor and impossible to ignore. Bringing solid lyrics and soft vocals that will naturally lend itself to getting into the groove.

New Single “Valley Girl” - Lyrics Video Below

Click link below to listen to Neon Valley on all major platforms

Charles Therrell - DISK DOKTOR


Charles Therrell, a/k/a DISK DOKTOR, is a professional DJ working out of 
Port Orchard, WA.

What Charles Therrell aims to be is Pandora and Spotify’s worst 
nightmare: A human being, putting together tracks based on feelings, not 
algorithms. He seeks to connect points in the musical continuum that 
would be impossible within the constraints of commercial media.

“Remember that feeling when a friend would make a mixtape for you and 
put a cassette in your hands? I want to bring that feeling back. The 
feeling I would get cold-cutting tracks on a dual-cassette deck. It’s 
like trying to keep a dead language alive. The entire point of art is to 
make someone feel something.” - Therrell

Charles’ experiences in music come from ten years of study in classical 
music performance as a trumpet player, three years of percussion studies 
as a drummer, and two years of study of Music Theory. Therrell has both 
performed and composed music during seven years of voice and guitar study.

Therrell holds a B.A. In Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts from 
San Francisco State University, and an A.A.S. in Graphic Design from 
Suffolk County Community College.

Therrell was the host and producer of The End of the World Party radio 
programme on KSFS for two and a half years at San Francisco State 
(2011-2013). He has spun music for audiences in San Francisco, Oakland, 
Alameda, and Seattle.


I made this mix for a friends home dance party




Solar Opposites Festival Apparel is a colour saturated, glitter frenzied, unisex collection of ethereal and quirky festival inspired pieces. We specialize in one of a kind, hand made creations and up-cycled, inter-dimensional thrift finds. All pieces made fabulously by the most radical mother-daughter alien duo known to the western region of Canada.

Our "No Piece Left Behind" policy ensures that we reuse ALL of the resources we have on hand for our pieces. Reducing waste to create the ultimate wearable treasures means that each article has been made with  previously loved materials!

Masterful and clever designs, functional and moveable pieces. Made with fractal dust and galactic love, whimsically created with the thought of all you Disco Dudes and Dance floor Divas in mind.

We take and make custom orders. Send us a message and we'll make it happen, Hunni.

insta promo.jpg

How we started

OFA was born 2 years ago with the hopes of creating less waste, creating a meaningful and different festival fashion line and allowing others to express their most unique and individual selves in whatever way tickles their fancy most! 

It has been growing and building at an astounding rate. When I thought of creating Solar Opposites, I knew it was an idea with potential but it never occurred to me that it could turn into the brand that it has. 2 years have gone by and we have created dozens of custom orders, sent our pieces out internationally, styled dj's/artists, worked with many other brands/influencers/designers and we have started to lock down our bookings at large summer festivals to vend our treasures.

All of our pieces are made from scratch or altered thrift clothing created with up cycled materials. Lots of our pieces are made from old curtains, sheets, tee shirts with cool patterns, etc...

Im really committed to ensuring that SOFA becomes my full time focus/career in the next couple years. Right now, the goal is to scale our little baby business to become a larger, more sustainable business. I want to be vending our line in California and exploring the west coast festival circuit. Our pieces will be on fashion runways, frolicking in the woods, worn by performers of all types and continuously allowing anyone to access their true most inner and outer selves through this wonderful, transformative fashion forward way of expressing oneself.

Lunar love and faerie dust,





Who are you and what do you do?

My names Sammy Hernandez, on social media I go by Korupt Sam. Im a Design/ artist. I make cool stuff

Why do you do what you do?

Umm… I mean Ive always been a artist since I was a youngin. My parents put me in private art classes when I was young, and from then on forward Ive always been into creating. As of recently Ive been getting back into abstract art.

How do you work?

I like to work solo to be honest. Head phones in, maybe a joint or two, and then I kinda just go from there.

What’s your background?

Im Mexican american from a small coastal town (Watsonville,CA) Grew up vandalizing doing graffiti, skating, and all that reckless stuff. I get a lot of influence from my background and how I grew up.

What role does the artist have in society?

I believe artist are the ones who bring light to whats going on around the world. If it weren’t for creatives we wouldn’t have visuals of history. We play a very important role.

How has your practice change over time

Overtime? mmm… My practice is always changing. My style is developing everyday, and to be honest I get inspired very easily. Overtime though? I think Ive been able to loosen up a bit more and be more free with what I create. I used to be very nit picky and was kind of a perfectionist. Now I just go with the flow.

What art do you most identify with?

I would say urban/ contemporary art.

What work do you most enjoying doing?

As of lately I really enjoy oil pastels on sketch paper, but that could change tomorrow for all i know.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood that influenced your art?

My very first art teacher “Susan” s/o Susan doing her thing in Hawaii! She taught me everything I know and is the reason I like abstract art so much. I remember her having me re-create paintings by Pablo Picasso, Ive been going Heavy with the abstract lol.

What’s your scariest experience?

Car crash last year with my girl in the car. Seeing how frightened she was scared the fuck outta me and really had me appreciate life.

What’s your favourite art work?

Artwork of my own? I would say everything I create is my favorite, its how I express myself.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Real Life situation… I remember running into a dope artist named Ron Bass at Agenda Show in Las Vegas. He had a small booth doing live art on a leather jacket, we talked a bit, and I told him how dope his work was. Fast forward to last year I believe, I see him again at The Vegas show, but this time he had a huuuge booth with a whole collection of apparel he created. We talked a bit, caught up and all, and at that point I was like yoooo, bro really elevated and did his thing. Thats when I decided to go harder with my craft.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Veterinary assistant, Gym manager, worked at bubba jump for 2 weeks lol, Now I’m currently a Creative Director for a Creative non profit called Project Level in San Francisco.

Why art?

Ive been in the mix since I can remember, Art chose me.

What is your favorite food?

Food?.. I say a good burger and a beer to go along. Song? I have no specific song, I listen to everything. Different songs make me feel different ways.

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

Ehh I would say no. I have a very social lifestyle and like being in uncomfortable situations at times. Art is my getaway, when I wanna shut my social life off for a day or two.

What do you dislike about the art world?

mmm… don’t really got anything to say about this.

What do you dislike about your work?

I used to dislike I lot of things. No I just go with it

What do you like about your work?

I like that fact that its mine. I made that, it has my twist to it.

What superpower would you have and why?

The power to be invisible. Why? So I can disappear at times and not worry about things around me. Also so I can find truths about certain things.

Name something you love, and why.

I love to daydream. Its a way of relaxing, and inspiring your self.

What is your dream project?

Being able to display work at some of the biggest museums. Starting off in San Francisco. 

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

A lil bit of Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Bobby Hundreds. They all inspired me.

Favourite or most inspirational place ?

The Streets of San Francisco 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be selfish (the good kind of selfish) love yourself and others, follow god, and never let anyone push you around.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

Take on as many large projects at possible. Ones that I created and oversee.



one bliss sankeys.jpg

One Over is a young Tech House producer / DJ from Northampton, England. Making driving rolling bass with groovy and skippy percussion. He has had releases on Max Chapman's Resonance Records and other label's such as Format Music and HIPPIES Records. Being in the scene approaching 3 years he has had some great support on his music and release with downloads and feedback from huge artists such as Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler, Marco Carola and more! Holding summer residencies at clubs in Ibiza such as Sankeys & EDEN there is sure to be a massive future ahead for One Over.






Geoknotic is a one man fabrication and design studio based in West Oakland's  American Steel Studios. I found an affinity for ruler and compass construction through a book about crop circles that broke them down step by step. After burning through the book I was hooked. Each time I would sit down to draw the compass would teach me something new. I spent the next 3 years only drawing with ruler compass until I came across laser cutting and instantly new I had found my next medium. I have spent the last 3 years specializing in laser cutting and engraving as a means to execute the patterns and forms I draw by hand. 

The act of bring a shapes/forms into our dimension by swinging the compass and building the framework by hand, I believe gives them greater power and intention. Each drawing is a mediation an exercise in being present. The laser allows me to take the lessons of the compass and share them in ways that would otherwise be impossible. I am so grateful for all the lessons and truths the compass has thought me.It is my goal to share them with as many as possible in the hopes that they too will be affected in profound and deeply meaningful way.

Geoknotic is currently accepting commissions and can be reached via email :

Geoknotic is currently accepting commissions and can be reached via email :



acid bath.jpeg

My name is Davon Foots, sometimes known as Acid Bath in the art scene, i gave myself this nickname because my work had heavy drug influences mainly psychedelics, opiates and some good trees, I liked this name also because it always draws attention and keeps people curious and wondering.

I used to do a lot of colorful collage and mixed media illustration, but as of recent my work has take n a whole new direction, with a lot less color, i mainly focus on using black, white, red and gold. my work changed heavily as the world around me has rapidly changed and that has altered my message and vision thru art. I often sample and repurpose a lot of religious art to gain a reaction from the viewers and just to wake people up and make them question what they believe in and to go against the norm. I just hate to watch my peers and people around me lingering blindly in this world,,just believing certain things because thats what they've been told their whole life. I think it hits me more on a personal level because, throughout life I've always had hard time trusting things and need more detail to make me think a certain way. i like to remain open minded and finding the alternatives to what most think is simple and true.

Ive always been creating since I was young, but i would say I started to take it serious about 7 years ago. i always like to stay occupied because i get bored very quickly, and its also like a form of therapy for me whenever i'm angry or upset i can start creating and let out that energy in a more productive way, rather than letting things get to me and becoming self destructive. the first time i shared my work was in 2010 as a part of Oakland's first fridays, i felt extremely blessed when i got the opportunity, and i think i may be doing a final show here as a tribute for this diverse city that always showed me so much love.

I would say my main inspirations come from music and fashion, i try to relate my style to concepts and clothing projects. Im always listening deep to the lyrics in certain songs and trying to decipher a message or influence that i can also represent in my artwork. Im always inspired by poetry and religion too, i'm not a very religious person but i find religion as a subject is very interesting because of how in depth it is with details and how many different directions you can take by delving into it. its never ending!

Over the past few years I've self published 3 mixed media art and poetry books, i like to do this as a way of documenting my style and phases in my work, i do these projects to show people a piece of my world and whats going on in my mind hoping i can spark some thought or relation to my viewers. i like to show my progress and different influences over a certain period of time. my next move is to self publish 1 final project and then to have one last group show in Oakland with some good friends, local artists, and past collaborators. After this project i think i will be taking a small step back from the art scene as a whole, no more hosting, no more curating, because at this point i feel burnt out and may need to try my hand at something new while remaining creative and being able to find myself once again. i feel trapped in a dark world..filled with sex, drugs, money, and sins..when all i want to do its stick to my dreams, and break free from this nightmare.